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Hold 2012 Republican Convention in Phoenix

If the Republican Party really wants to win the election this year, it must take a stand to rally the majority of Americans who increasingly oppose Obamanism and want the Constitution, an opportunity society and a free-market economy restored in America. In the face of calls for the boycott of all things Arizonan, the RNC should immediately award the 2012 Republican National Convention to Phoenix, Ariz.

In the absence of federal government willingness to enforce the law at the border, the Arizona Legislature and Gov. Jan Brewer have acted bravely to defend Arizonans against an increasingly bold, violent invasion of Arizona by illegal aliens by enacting a law which requires local law enforcement officers during the course of a “lawful stop, detention or arrest” to ask for proof of citizenship or legal immigration status. Those without documentation are then turned over to federal authorities for deportation.

Federal law has required legal immigrants to carry documentary proof of their status since 1940. No recent federal administration has enforced this law.

The need for this law was dramatically underscored when a Pinal County sheriff deputy was gunned down by an AK-47 armed illegal-alien drug smuggler during a routine traffic stop Friday.

Thanks to the constant violence between rival Mexican-based drug cartels operating in Arizona, Phoenix has become the kidnapping capital of the U.S. home invasions, armed robbery and drug trafficking reach into every community in the state. Arizonans have had enough. In a state where “open carry” of guns is legal and increasingly seen, the legislature recently passed a bill to allow “concealed carry” as a matter of right as well.

Gov. Brewer has appealed to the Obama regime no less than six times for federal government help with no reply. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s efforts to apprehend illegals did get a response from Obama – a Justice Department investigation into whether the sheriff had violated the rights of the illegals!

Every poll shows widespread American support for the principled stand taken by the state of Arizona. But, in another example of the gap between the “two Americas,” American media and academic and political elites have denounced Arizona, with former State Sen. Alfredo Gutierrez speaking for many leftists, calling for a boycott to put a “shocking stop to the economy of Arizona.”

Ignoring the fact that any such boycott would harm the jobs of all Arizona workers, the Boycott Arizona movement has targeted Major League Baseball with calls to cancel the Cactus League and the All Star Game set this year in Arizona. Conventions scheduled for Arizona are under pressure from the left to cancel. The cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco have joined the boycott, calling on California to cancel all state contracts with any firm from Arizona.

Radical open-border activists even targeted Arizona Iced Tea, which is actually made in New York.

Law-and-order Americans have struck back with a national “buycott” of Arizona. A sampling of tea-party activists across the country last week, for example, revealed an avalanche of messages from families redirecting their vacation planning to include “the Grand Canyon this year.” Chambers of commerce in Arizona report a surge of inquiries from out-of-state companies seeking to do business with Arizona companies. A caller to my radio show Friday reported he had bought a home in Phoenix that week in response to the calls for a buycott.

National polls support Arizona 50-30. In-state polls show Arizona public support at 80-20 (with Hispanics making up 35 percent of the state’s population).

Let me say this again. If the Republican Party is serious about leading the charge to free America from Obamanism, the RNC should immediately name Phoenix, Ariz., as the site of the 2012 national convention. If you agree, contact the RNC today with your support.

The radical Obama regime sees the Arizona law as another wedge issue – a chance to rally hyperventilating open-border activists to bolster Democrats fading electoral odds in the fall election. The cynical announcement Thursday of a “comprehensive immigration reform” that even Obama admitted to the media has no chance of passage was part of the strategy to “play the Latino card.”

Typical of the radical overreach of this regime, even liberals opposed this new “reform” proposal. The “reform” includes a National I.D. called the “Believe System” with “Believe” standing for Biometric Enrollment, Locally stored Information and Electronic Verification of Employment. Got that Orwellian mouthful? The ACLU is in full howl over this doozy.

Conservatives were equally appalled by the “family reunification” part of the “reform” proposal which defined “family” as any LGBT “partner.”

Obama’s cynical political game playing while ignoring the real threat to the people of Arizona was not lost on legal immigrants in Arizona. CNN ran a story Friday quoting (with evident surprise) Hispanic Arizonans who supported the state’s crackdown on illegals. What the elites miss here is that “Hispanics” are not a monolithic bloc. Legal immigrants from Mexico and their descendants are as concerned about the increasing violence and as supportive of Arizona’s actions as any other citizen of that state.

Once again – this brave action by the state of Arizona is an opportunity for the Republican Party to show it is worthy to lead the country in a revival of America as a land of opportunity for every citizen and for every legal immigrant.

Take a stand, Republicans. Name Phoenix, Ariz., as the site of the 2012 Republican National Convention.