There have been a lot of ridiculous comments on Arizona’s new immigration law, but California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Latina pop star Shakira get my vote in the category of “Dumb and Dumber.”

On “The Tonight Show” last week, Schwarznegger called the law a grand “mess.” Then, he went on to criticize the federal government for not passing immigration reform. The Schwarzenegger prescription: “Let people come in legally and work here because we need the workers.”

Wow! What an interesting comment from the governor of a state with one of the highest rates of unemployment in the nation!

Of course, Schwarzenegger is simply parroting the liberal line that people who come here illegally “do the work Americans won’t do.” What he and others like him fail to add is “for slave wages.”

If we begin deporting those who have come here illegally and crack down on the employers who hire them, those jobs will still be available, but employers will have to pay more to attract the workers they need.

Aren’t liberals always complaining about the minimum wage? They are the ones telling us, “Every wage should be a ‘living wage.'” These same people want to give all those who are here illegally amnesty – then open the floodgates to temporary workers. When that happens, these limousine liberals will have an endless supply of workers who will accept “slave wages” to clean houses, mind the kids, work in the yard and do all the jobs most people would rather not do.

Recently, I was discussing immigration with a friend who thought it cruel to deny “poor Latinos,” who just want to work here, jobs. When I told him I pay a house cleaner $18 an hour, he looked at me with astonishment and said, “You are paying too much!”

Nope! That’s the going wage in my area for a legal, experienced house cleaner. (And, I might add, she is worth every penny.) Granted, if I hired an illegal, I could afford a full-time maid, not temporary help, but it is wrong!

The other half of California’s unemployment issue, which Schwarzenegger doesn’t have the stomach to address, is that this state has one of the most generous packages of welfare benefits in the nation. Many honest California freeloaders will tell you they simply can’t afford the “cut in pay” to go to work.

Immigration and welfare reform: It’s impossible to do one without the other. If we do them together, we’ll be paying more for fruits and vegetables, but think about how much the states and the nation could save in welfare benefits! If those savings were passed along to taxpayers, it would be a win-win situation.

Now, let’s get to Shakira, the pop star from Colombia who blew into Phoenix and held a news conference last week. Clad in expensive clothes, stiletto boots and diamond earrings, the singer crooned, “I don’t want to see this law tarnish what this country stands for. … I’m worried about the impact that implementation of this law will have on hard-working Latinos.”

Let’s get this straight: Shakira wants the U.S. to keep its doors wide open to legalized slavery. This is how this rich, pampered recording artist wants to help hard-working Latinos.

What about all the hard-working Latinos and the other legal immigrants who played by the rules, filled out all the forms and waited in line? Is she helping them by flooding the market, driving down wages, overcrowding the schools and burdening our health-care system? These legal immigrants deserve a real shot at the American dream, but, thanks to people like Schwarzenegger and Shakira, it’s a lot harder to achieve now than it used to be.

Honorable mention for the Dumb and Dumber award goes to Mexican President Felipe Calderone who said, “Criminalizing immigration … opens the door to intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse in law enforcement.”

Unlike Shakira and Schwarzenegger, Calderone is no lightweight. He deserves credit for attempting to rid his country of drug lords, but he in no position to lecture us on immigration. This is nothing more than a cheap political stunt!

Illegal immigration is a felony in Mexico. Nonlegal aliens are put in prison, fined and deported. Aliens must be prepared to show their papers to law-enforcement officers and can work only in limited circumstances. They cannot buy property outright in desirable areas and must pay a yearly fee to live there. Aliens are not allowed to protest, and they pay for medical care unless they also pay income tax to Mexico.

As for Schwarzenegger and Shakira, dumb and dumber, one is in politics. Can the other be too far behind?

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