I suppose it’s too much to expect that the facts – walking in on the Democrats’ orgy with Big – will interrupt their rude and unproductive behavior.

Perhaps the political left has been so busy demonizing their critics that they haven’t noticed the federal government – the biggest of the biggest – has failed miserably.

  • Eight-year-old Boy Scouts and 80-year-old grandmothers seem to be getting so much TSA attention that our travel police have no time to keep known terrorists, like the recent New York Times Square car bomber, from boarding a flight back to home, sweet home.

  • Environmental bureaucrats, tasked with finding and maintaining a simple boom to corral and burn oil from a spill can’t seem to keep one on hand, despite having all the budgets and people in place since 1994.
  • The recent Hutaree militia arrest in Michigan – a group the feds claimed were plotting a violent overthrow of the government – have been sent home by the court to await trial. Maybe the government wasn’t as worried as they wanted us to be?
  • Arizona recently gave up on the feds ever protecting their citizens from violent illegal aliens crossing the border from Mexico. Can Texas and California be far behind?
  • And let’s not forget the economy! Massive federal regulation failed to prevent the worst real-estate meltdown in history. Big banks bet against their own mortgages being repaid, using sophisticated financial products they traded among themselves. Next, the feds bailed out the mortgage holders, right? Ha, ha. They bailed out the bankers, so the poor babies wouldn’t lose their multi-million-dollar bonuses.

Flush with these successes in the marketplace, the feds have decided to socialize health care – because they can do so much better of a job than doctors. The logical choice for this would, of course, be the IRS. And as with taxes, opt-out ain’t a choice, baby!

When I was in the military, we endured constant efforts by the brass to adjust staffing. First there were too many specialists in a given career field, and those who wanted them were given early-outs. Six months later, the brass were announcing re-enlistment bonuses to retain talent. Well, at least the military had talent to retain.

Some things are just too big to succeed. Back in the days when Microsoft ruled the tech world, an e-mail began circulating announcing Microsoft’s takeover of the federal government. “It’s a deal that makes sense for both of us,” Bill Gates was quoted as saying.

While I wouldn’t suggest that Microsoft has become as hapless as the federal government, the folks at Google and Apple may give a different answer.

Some organizations that are huge do seem to run competently. Bechtel manages to get dams and even entire cities built, and Wal-Mart manages an army of minimum-wage employees. But these seem to be the exception, and they certainly aren’t run by leftist pickle-heads whose only experience in life was organizing community mobs to assail society for ever-more benefits, while insuring someone else would have to pay.

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