On May 4, Politico, which is edited by two former Washington Post journalists, published the following, in reviewing the new book “Gadfly: The Life and Times of Les Kinsolving, White House Watchdog” (written by my daughter Kathleen – available at online bookstores, including the WND Superstore).

“Regular observers of Washington’s press corps know Les Kinsolving well. He’s the unique (some may say ‘kooky’) White House reporter who asks some very colorful questions at briefings.”

Some may say ‘kooky'”? Politico reports – in the very same column Politico headlined: “Kooky Kinsolving Gets Bio”!

Despite this amusing alliteration, this review was kind enough to accurately quote two of my questions at the White House, one of which was:

“While he was in Hawaii, did the president visit the hospital where he was reportedly born – which was which one?”

On May 5, syndicated columnists, radio and TV star Michelle Malkin wrote the following, among other things:

“Veteran journalist Les Kinsolving may not have a nightly cable TV talk show or a New York Times op-ed column, but he’s a media legend and workhorse, who has dogged both Republican and Democratic administrations for decades.

“I’ve noted many of his grillings over the years. I don’t agree with everything he says or writes, but he says and writes everything with conviction, passion, purpose – and never an ounce of the oily obsequiousness that infuses the Washington Press. He did not mince words with the Bush White House, and he is not mincing words with Team Obama.”

For which, ladies and gentleman, I am deeply moved and grateful.

On the Internet, I have seen several dozen very strong criticisms of Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs – including the following nine sentences e-mailed to WorldNetDaily:

I just read about Robert Gibbs’ latest attempt to ridicule WND correspondent Les Kinsolving at today’s White House press briefing.

I have to give Mr. Kinsolving kudos for putting up with this buffoon who – though attempting to make Les appear the fool – only succeeds in showing himself to be one. I tried to watch the video clip on C-Span video, but right away my blood pressure started rising as Gibbs started snickering before Les even got halfway through a very legitimate question. Gibbs shows no respect for Mr. Kinsolving and attempts to turn every exchange of theirs into a comedy routine that paints Les as a crazy old coot. This fails every time for those Americans like me who look to Les to ask the questions they have been asking themselves.

It is clear that Mr. Kinsolving is one of an unfortunately dying breed of journalists who takes his responsibility to inform the public very seriously – so seriously, in fact, that he does not let the disrespect and idiocy of Gibbs deter him from his mission. To Mr. Kinsolving I say, “Thank you, sir, for having the strength and the stomach to go into these press conferences – this den of vipers – to ask the questions that need to be asked. We can only hope your fellow journalists will one day soon grow a pair and ask the tough questions that are begging to be asked.”

Cathy Kirby, Augusta, Ga.

Order your copy of Les’ new biography, written by his daughter Kathleen: “Gadfly: The Life and Times of Les Kinsolving White House Watchdog”

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