They call me a “birther.”


Because I’m one of about 150 million Americans who would like to see Barack Obama’s actual, long-form birth certificate as the first step toward determining if he is constitutionally eligible to serve as president.

I know. It seems nutty to Bill O’Reilly and Anderson Cooper and Glenn Beck and Rachel Maddow.

I really don’t care what they think – or if they think.

As a matter of fact, I don’t care what anyone thinks about Obama’s eligibility, because midway through his second year in office it should not be a matter of opinion as to whether he is indeed a “natural born citizen” and legally qualified to reside in the White House.

I’ve always been skeptical about what politicians claim. That used to be a common trait among people of my profession – journalism. However, lately, I find many in the press actually relying on what politicians say to determine what is truth, reality, fact – and admitting it!

Here’s a recent example: Chris Cillizza, White House reporter for the Washington Post, offered this in his column last Friday analyzing a recent poll showing significant doubts among the American people about Obama’s birth story: “For the record, the proof that Obama was born in Hawaii is indisputable; Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle, a Republican, said as much in a recent interview.”


That interview was first published by my news organization. And I suggest there is no public evidence whatsoever, nothing that would carry the day in a court of law, to prove Obama was born in Hawaii – notwithstanding the self-contradictory statement of the esteemed Linda Lingle.

Lingle admits she has never seen Obama’s long-form birth certificate.

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In fact, the state of Hawaii has never corroborated that the “certification of live birth” that we have all seen on the Internet is indeed a state-issued copy. Perhaps it is. If so, it would explain those newspaper announcements that are so persuasive to the “inglorious, incurious true believers” like O’Reilly and company. Newspaper birth announcements were automatically generated when the Hawaii department of health issued certifications of live birth.

The problem with them is that anyone could get one – Hawaiian birth or not.

The issuance of bogus certifications of live birth has been a long-standing cultural tradition in Hawaii dating back before it became a state, right up to the present day.

One of the most famous stories of a foreign-born person getting a certificate of Hawaiian birth is the case of Sun Yat-Sen, known in 1925 at his death as “the founder of modern China.”

That’s right, “the father of modern China,” born Nov. 12, 1866, in the Chinese village of Cuiheng in Guangdong province, was able to procure a Hawaiian birth certificate 38 years later, using his adult photograph as his likeness.

Of course, that phony document no more means Sun Yat-Sen was actually born in Hawaii than Obama’s certification of live birth does.

Hawaii has been making it easy for people to get phony birth documents for any reason or no reason whatsoever for more than 100 years. Do you suppose that’s something the governor of Hawaii would like the world to know? Do you suppose that’s a fact about which the health director of Hawaii is proud?

Furthermore, we have the little problem of what Obama himself has revealed about his nativity story. Now, I’m not one to believe anything Obama says at face value, which is why I want to see a real birth certificate. But, if indeed he’s telling the truth about who his biological father is, then we have a big problem with constitutional eligibility. Because Barack Obama Sr. was clearly a Kenyan, a subject of the British Crown. And that would have made little Barry, at best, a dual citizen of the U.S. – by no means a “natural born citizen,” no matter where he was born. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt by asking for his real birth certificate, because the one he has revealed to us would indicate he is not eligible.

But, again, why speculate?

Why should we all still be offering opinions about where we think Obama was born?

Why are so many in the media actively complicit in the cover-up, rather than demanding like me that Obama come clean and hand over his birth certificate, his school records, his college records, his travel records, his passport records and the rest?

Why don’t we all hold Obama accountable to his campaign pledge to conduct the most open and transparent administration in U.S. history?

Why does half this country’s population have to endure ridicule, derision and mockery as “birthers” for simply being responsible citizens vigilant about seeing the Constitution upheld and honored?

I would think, at this point, all reasonable people could agree on one thing: Obama is hiding something. Usually, when politicians hide something, there’s a reason. Usually that’s a concern for a vigilant press and a vigilant public.

I would suggest to you that the “incurious, inglorious true believers,” not the so-called “birthers,” are the ones worthy of scorn, contempt and caricature.

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