For people who claim to care deeply about “the environment,” some liberals have a funny way of showing it.

Take WND columnist Bill Press, for example. The low-rated radio host has a new book coming out called “Toxic Talk: How the Radical Right Has Poisoned America’s Airwaves.”

According to one broadcasting industry veteran, the book is simply “a re-hash of controversial statements made by hosts dating back to the mid-1990’s,” filled with “name-calling.”

And not even very original name-calling, either: Press steals fellow progressive talker Al Franken’s decades-old description of Rush Limbaugh as a “big fat idiot” (apparently Press missed noticing Rush’s 100-pound weight loss during the last year).

Regardless, countless trees will be chopped down to print this book, which won’t sell more than a handful of copies before it lands in the mark-down bins, and possibly clogs up a landfill. What a waste. So much for saving the planet.

Rush Limbaugh

Speaking of new books: Zev Chafets, the author of a forthcoming biography of Rush Limbaugh, received over 100 interview requests after his book, “Rush Limbaugh: Army of One,” was mentioned in the news.

Last year, Chafets had jokingly suggested a peace making “golf summit” between Limbaugh and his favorite target, President Obama. Incredibly, the White House actually responded to his suggestion – using tasteless language, no less.

The joke was on the White House, though: On the air this week, Rush had the perfect comeback (FREE webcam video):

Incredibly, a comic book biography of Rush is due out soon, too.

Also this week, Limbaugh called Obama Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan a “pure academic elitist radical. She comes from the faculty lounge. She is a Utopian theoretician.”

Sean Hannity

Last weekend, Hannity and fellow talk show host Mark Levin welcomed hundreds of fans to a book signing in Washington, D.C.

Hannity started the week commenting on the Kagan nomination: “It does not surprise that he picked somebody that has literally minimal real world legal experience, obstructed military recruitment at Harvard and beyond that, a record even less known than David Souter’s when he was nominated years ago.”

Hannity speculated that Kagan was “to the left of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

Mark Levin

No fan of the filibuster, Mark Levin nevertheless called on Republican lawmakers to block Elena Kagan’s appointment to the Supreme Court (FREE audio).

On Monday, Levin spoke with actress-turned-activist Janine Turner. Best known for her role on TV’s “Northern Exposure,” Turner now heads a foundation dedicated to teaching young people about the Constitution (FREE audio).

He also pointed out the irony of Obama’s inability to pronounce the word “emancipation” and condemned the construction of a mosque at the former World Trade Center site (FREE audio).

Off the air, Levin accused “back bencher” Glenn Beck of “borrowing” one of his radio bits without attribution.

Laura Ingraham

Wendy Long, a former clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas, offered Ingraham and her listeners an insider’s view of the Kagan nomination. Laura also took on Nancy Pelosi’s heterodox views on the Catholic Church and mocked the First Lady’s anti-obesity campaign.

G. Gordon Liddy

Guest David Keyes of explained to Liddy and his listeners how bloggers trapped in totalitarian nations are using the Internet to fight for liberty (FREE audio).

During the week, Liddy also discussed the Greek economic meltdown, the faltering cause of “global warming” and the strange news – first reported by WND – that President Obama has more than one Social Security numbers.

Michael Savage

To say that Michael Savage disapproved of the Kagan appointment was an understatement.

Savage told listeners, “Kagan is a red-diaper doper baby, she’s part of the New York City communist front – she has been her entire life, in my opinion. Don’t be a fool and think that they have to wear red berets and run in the street with red flags. She was born in New York City, unto itself, in that period of time, going to Hunter College, she was a given leftist.”

He also added that Kagan’s physical appearance left a great deal to be desired (FREE audio).

Playboy magazine ran an interview with Savage this month, and he had some thoughts on the article on the air (FREE audio).

Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt invited judicial experts with widely divergent views to discuss the Kagan nomination. On Thursday, Mark Steyn expressed concern about growing apathy regarding the battle against Islamic terrorism:

“A lot of the time, your successes in the war on terror are things that never even make the newspapers, whereas the only things that do make the newspapers are the defeats, when a bomb goes off and a ton of people get killed,” Steyn said. “And what that means is that if you’re successful on this aspect, as President Bush was after September 11th, what it means is that people get complacent, and they think, Oh, there is no war, there is nothing going on. These guys are trying to kill us every day of the week, and they can operate with impunity, pretty much, more or less, throughout the Western world. And I think the public have grown complacent on that.”

Glenn Beck

Many were startled when Glenn Beck declined to endorse J.D. Hayworth in his run against John McCain for his Arizona Senate seat.

Sirius XM just added Beck’s radio show to its “Patriot Channel” lineup, which already airs Hannity and Levin.

Adding to his many projects, Beck just became a regular columnist for the Pittsburg Tribune. His first piece, called “The Lunacy of the Left,” looked at statistics demonstrating broad support for the new Arizona immigration law.

Finally, from the left side of the dial

In case you’re still wondering just who Bill Press is and thinking of giving that new book of his a spin, here’s a glimpse into his mind. This week he explained why Elena Kagan is perfectly qualified to sit on the Supreme Court, telling listeners:

“I do trust her, and here’s why: I trust her based on some clues that she is a good, strong liberal we can count on,” he said. “Some of these may be superficial, but look, she was raised on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. You live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, you’re a liberal. No doubt about it. I know a lot of people that come from that area, and it’s got a great reputation.”

You read that correctly. Kagan grew up in the “right” neighborhood, so that’s good enough for him!

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