By this time, I’m sure we’ve all seen those posters of George W. Bush captioned “Miss Me Yet?” I, personally, think things have gotten so bad in Obama’s America that I wouldn’t be surprised if we begin seeing those same posters springing up with Jimmy Carter’s picture.

When I read that Sen. Dianne Feinstein had said, “I’ve gotten over 90,000 e-mails and faxes on the health-care bill and over 85,000 of them are against it. After all the debate we’ve had, I can’t believe so many people still don’t get it,” I recall wondering if Obama’s arrogance was a contagious disease for which there’s no known antidote.

That reminds me that William F. Buckley, Jr., once observed that, “Liberals claim they want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

He was also the conservative sage who once told a left-winger, “I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting you really believe what you just said.” Does a single day go by when most of us haven’t wished to say those very words to Robert Gibbs?

One of the sneakiest, most despicable things left-wingers do is play racial politics, and when you call them on it, they get to brand you as racists.

For instance, affirmative action was created to give racial preferences to blacks to make amends for slavery and Jim Crow laws. But after nearly 50 years, try to suggest it’s time to put racial quotas aside, and you will find yourself tarred as a racist.

For the past 30 years, Islamics around the world have targeted Americans, but suggest that they constitute a toxic menace and you’re labeled a racist.

For the past quarter century, millions of Mexicans, who were not escaping political oppression, have felt entitled to stream across our border, to take advantage of our schools and hospitals, to fill our streets with drugs and flood our jails with criminals, and if we even complain about it, we’re called racists.

The unfortunate thing is that just as the Communists perverted the meaning of “comrade” and homosexuals perverted the meaning of “gay,” the self-righteous leftists have perverted “racist.” It no longer means a person who is racially intolerant, who would harm or subjugate another human being because of his skin color, but, instead, denotes someone who really is color-blind and who judges people solely on the basis of their character.

Today, the reality is that someone who attacks other people – for instance, members of the tea party – as racists, is, more likely than not, a racist, himself, who refuses to look beyond pigmentation.

Finally, I’ve been mulling over the “South Park” brouhaha. In case you somehow missed hearing about it, “South Park,” a dopey little TV series that hypes itself as being cutting edge satire, aired an episode in which Muhammad was first pictured as a stick figure and then as a teddy bear. That, predictably, set off fireworks in the Muslim world, where cartoons are reason enough to set off a killing spree, as are the mishandling of the Quran, tracking mud into a mosque and hiding the TV remote.

Suicide bombings, on the other hand, trouble them not at all. In fact, blow up a school bus, a pizza parlor or an American skyscraper, and you automatically get dibs on the prettiest girls in Paradise.

But just maybe we non-Muslims have been barking up the wrong tree. Maybe those crazies don’t object to every depiction of their prophet, they just get their shorts in a knot when they see him pictured as a teddy bear or, as in that Danish cartoon, as a bearded, wild-eyed, goofus wearing a turban shaped like a bomb. I suggest, as a test, we try making him look like Brad Pitt or George Clooney. If they still go berserk and insist they’ve been insulted, I say we stick Muhammad in a dress, lipstick and high heels, and quit pussyfooting around.

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