Some of you have probably been wondering why most of my recent columns have focused on the “The Persian Quest for Freedom.” The simple answer is that Iran is the most important country in the world today; not only for the Persian people themselves, but also for us Americans. If this nation somehow frees itself from the grip of modern-day “Neo-Nazis,” now wearing the evil mask of radical Islam, not only will the great Persian civilization be liberated, but the United States and its Western allies will have a powerful ally against terrorist Arab states and groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. And, without the current Islamic regime supporting these states and groups, there will be a greater chance for eventual peace in the Middle East.

In a few weeks, on June 12, 2010, we will mark the one-year anniversary of the fraudulent presidential election in Iran, which resulted in the reinstallation of the Neo-Nazi President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the “flunky” of the mullahs now ruling the country. It’s no wonder the Persian people call him “the monkey” – not only because he looks like one! I have sued Ahmadinejad and his colleagues for crimes against humanity, and the case is winding its way through federal court in Washington, D.C. The reason for this case is not only to bring justice for those brave Iranians who have been imprisoned, tortured and executed in the Islamic regime’s prisons and on the “streets of Tehran,” but to grab the world’s attention over what is going on there. The case will eventually result in a “Nuremberg style” trial, where the victims’ families will testify openly in court for all the world to see the “Holocaust” now under way in Iran – and its ominous implications for all of us.

You can be sure, with the education and sophistication of the Iranian people, that Iran already has nuclear weapons. And it will soon have the medium- and long-range missiles to deliver them to Europe and our shores. It is ironic indeed that our president, Barack Obama, who has all but given up on preventing Iran from having nuclear weapons, is now extolling the virtues of our missile-defense systems – which Democrats previously opposed and which most experts view as unreliable and technologically flawed in any event.

So without any real Iran policy, what needs to be done other than a public-interest group like Freedom Watch bringing a lawsuit?

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The answer, aside from providing covert aid to the Iranian opposition to help overthrow the Islamic regime – something you can bet the Obama administration is not doing for fear of “angering” the mullahs, who it has been trying to appease to get them to drop Iran’s push for nuclear weapons – is that we need a strong pro-freedom message to at least give political and moral support to those brave Persian souls who are risking their lives for us all.

When President Reagan set out to challenge the former Soviet Union and bring down the Berlin Wall, he used public relations, along with a strong defense policy, to make it clear where he stood. He called the Soviets the “evil empire,” installed offensive missiles in Europe and waged a full-court press to bring down the regime. And, he ultimately succeeded in large part because the Russian people themselves saw his and our nation’s support for their aspirations, and this gave them hope to press on. Indeed, it is not farfetched to think that even Presidents Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yelstin, who began and finished the dismantling of the Soviet state, got the message and largely agreed with it. President Reagan created the climate and impetus for freedom, and they arguably followed suit.

The United States has, in principle, a pro-freedom network that broadcasts into Iran called Voice of America (VOA). However, as I wrote about last week, and as the Washington Times recently observed in an editorial, VOA has become the “Voice of the Mullahs.” It has been compromised and taken over by a senior managing editor, Ali Sajjadi, whose father, incredibly, is a mullah in Iran and who recently went on the network’s show “Static,” declared himself an “agent” of the United States and trashed the Iranian opposition freedom movement. Congress and others, including the FBI, are now investigating.

But what are the broader implications of all of this?

It is well-known that the Islamic regime, while evil, does not – a la its predecessor, the Third Reich – lack sophistication. Like Fidel Castro’s Cuba, they have many agents in the United States on their payroll. This is normal. But what is most troubling is that the Islamic regime has, over the years, found a way to corrupt even the Persian community in the United States, by in effect “buying” the Persian media, particularly in Los Angeles, which is the home to over 30 television stations that broadcast nationally and internationally in Farsi. In this way, the mullahs, who have huge cash resources thanks to oil revenue, are able to water down and control what would otherwise be a pro-freedom message to spur the Persian people to overthrow the government.

How do the mullahs do this? Its simple. The Persian stations need advertising revenue to survive. So the Islamic regime, through front companies overseas, launder money generally through the country of Dubai into the coffers of these networks. And, either by agreement or tacitly, the Los Angeles televisions stations “toe the line” and water down the pro-freedom message, or in the case of some stations that in the past were pro-freedom, have shifted their coverage into so-called entertainment, rather than furthering a political message of freedom.

This “buying” of Persian media in Los Angeles has not been lost on the local Persian community, which is the largest outside of Tehran. It’s a sad situation, and local Persians are frankly fed up with these networks, which they view as “whores” taking blood money under the table through advertising. Indeed, I have myself seen this, as few Persian stations in Los Angeles even reported Freedom Watch’s case against the Islamic regime for crimes against humanity, a story that would have been huge otherwise. These stations have not even helped through their coverage of my client, Elham Sataki, the brave VOA pro-freedom Persian broadcaster and anchor who was sexually harassed and then destroyed by the pro-Islamic regime managers at VOA. Ms. Sataki’s plight was the subject of my column last week entitled, “The government war on a freedom-loving beauty.”

But more importantly, it is clear that there is no “voice” for Iranian freedom. And, without that, the mullahs have easily crushed the opposition movement, which is currently demoralized and leaderless.

So on the eve of last year’s fraudulent Iranian presidential election, which reinstalled Neo-Nazi “fuhrer” front man Ahmadinejad, it is crystal clear that something strong needs to be done to create a voice for Iranian freedom such that the brave freedom fighters can have hope.

I ask all of you to join me to accomplish this. If need be, Freedom Watch will create its own network and allow freedom to ring in Persia and anywhere else courageous souls seek liberty. Our government and even Persians in Los Angeles have failed, so we must now take up the slack.

God bless the Persian people, and God bless a real America – true to its own principles – that can again summon the will to broadcast its message of freedom around the world!

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