So the president of Mexico comes to my country, visits with our president at the White House and speaks before Congress. It was all quite an occasion – diplomacy and tradition and all that.

Or at least, it should have been.

Well, not quite, because the good señor from south of the border acted like a reprimanding uncle, using his podium to lambaste Arizona for S.B.1070, the new law on illegal immigration; the general immigration policies of the United States; and, on top of that, our gun control laws.

Calderon clearly doesn’t think much of how his neighbor to the north – us – operates, and Arizona clearly is on his hit list. He also had no compunction about expressing his invasive ideas about how our country should be run.

That Barack Obama, the U.S. president, didn’t chide Calderon for his presumption and arrogance in so seriously criticizing his host country is another stain on the election-created image of Obama as the man who can do no wrong, has done no wrong and will never do wrong.

Anyone who believes that today is seriously demented.

Quite frankly, what business is it of Calderon what kind of laws any of our 50 states have? He should have been home tending to an economy that creates such huge numbers of poor people with no jobs, a corrupt government and military plus out-of-control drug cartels, which kill the guilty and innocent with no compunction.

But then, Calderon blames all of that on the United States: our government, our states and our people. According to him, we have to change to suit the whims and demands of Mexico.

Obama should have defended his own country against such arrogant insults and breaches of protocol but instead he made it clear he agrees with Calderon.

Of course, this is just another instance of Obama criticizing the country he represents and blaming it for any perceived wrong that comes his way.

Shame on him.

Shame on the Democrats in Congress who gave Calderon a standing ovation.

Shame, too, on the Republicans who joined them.

The truth, however, is that none of those people have any shame. And, it’s clear from their actions that they have no regard for the sovereignty of this country and for the physical and economic safety of the American people they represent.

It does make you wonder whose side they’re on since what they advocate – continued illegal intrusions into this country and accommodations for these lawbreakers so they’ll have all the benefits of citizenship without the responsibilities – will serve to undermine the very integrity of our Constitution and the survival of our country.

These are the people who want amnesty, but with their blatant support of Calderon and his positions on American jurisdictions and laws, they may well have cut their own throats along with those of the American people.

More than 70 percent of Arizonans support S.B.1070 because they see the damage and destruction to humans and the economy that illegals pose to their state. Washington turns a blind eye on them, and other states jump on that same bandwagon, waving the flag of boycott. The goal of many is to destroy Arizona.

One wonders where this mentality comes from, but it isn’t hard to know: Progressive politics and the goal of one-world governance play hand in hand.

Liberals are open-minded until they discover that not everyone agrees with them, and then they resort to the big stick to achieve their goals.

Of course, Calderon has a vested interest in keeping the border open and the United States receptive to illegals. It’s an easy way to rid his country of poorly educated, unemployed people who are of no economic benefit to Mexico.

But when they go to the United States, work and send remittances – read that “dollars” – back to Mexico, it’s a goldmine. The billions of greenbacks are among the top three sources of income for the Mexican economy.

You may not like Calderon’s politics, but he is not a stupid man. He knows a good thing when he sees it. It’s a win/win situation.

Over the years, the Mexican government has provided those wanting to head to the U.S. with maps of the best trails, kits of needed “travel” provisions (including condoms) and even instructions on how to apply for welfare once they make it across the border.

In fact, at one point special classes were held in small, impoverished Mexican villages to encourage the residents to head north.

Of course, there was no protection provided for those same people from corrupt Mexican police and military and exploitation by ruthless “coyotes” who are supposedly to provide transport – for a price, of course. It’s a big price that often includes death.

It’s a nice game as long as you can get away with it, and so far they have.

Mexico reaps the benefits, the U.S. gets the blame and American taxpayers pay the bill.

If all of this isn’t evidence of Mexican government collusion with illegal activities across an international border, I don’t know what is.

The American people should be infuriated and demanding that their own government, headed by Barack Obama, put a stop to it now.

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