Speculation abounds pursuant to what it is in Obama’s past the he has taken such effort to keep secret. It ranges from questions about true citizenship to questions about his mental-health history to questionable areas of his personal life that presumably no leader would ever want revealed. Not so speculative are his ties to socialist orders and a secular socialist philosophy that goes much further than he wants the public to know – and his intent too leave a secular socialist government behind as his legacy. I believe his nominating Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court supports this. Let me explain.

He has repeatedly denied and understated his associations to known socialists including, the recalcitrant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, who Jack Cashill makes a compelling argument as having ghost written Obama’s book “Dreams From My Father.”

In 2009, Gary Bauer called Obama’s green czar, Van Jones, “[Obama’s] most radical czar of all” (Human Events; Sept. 11, 2009). While Jones has since exited in disgrace, consider those who remain. “John Holdren, his pick as top science adviser, is a population zealot who believes the Constitution justifies compulsory [i.e., mandated] abortions on a massive worldwide scale” (“Obama’s radical anti-American czars”; Joseph Farah; WND.com; July 21, 2009). Carol Browner, his climate czar, “was listed as one of 14 leaders of a socialist group’s commission for a Sustainable World Society, which calls for a ‘global governance’ and says rich countries must shrink their economies to address climate change” (“Obama climate czar has socialist ties”; Stephen Dean; Washington Times; Jan. 12, 2009). Space does not permit me to chronicle each czar’s resume, but suffice it to say, each shares vestiges of his secular socialist philosophy.

The ultimate expose on the radical nature of our 44th president: “The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and other Anti-American Extremists”

These people were appointed directly by Obama sans a confirmation process, which would have made public their radical philosophies. They are there to facilitate and implement with congressional support his stated intentions “to fundamentally transform America.”

His administration has moved to take over the providing of student loans – see: Time Magazine’s, “Obama Student-Loan Plan: A ‘Good’ Takeover?” from Sept. 16, 2009. They have moved to nationalize banks and the financial markets – see: “The Obama-Dodd-Frank Everything’s-A-Bank-Bill” by John Berlau (Biggovernment.com; April 19, 2010). They have moved to nationalize 401(k) plans – see: “Obama, Dems seek to end 401(k) plans” by Mark Impomeni (RonPaulForums.com; April 24, 2008). They quasi-nationalized General Motors, and they have nationalized health care. They have cut backroom deals with unions that will ultimately further cripple the economy.

Having the federal government as the largest employer may not have been the intent of our Founding Fathers, but certainly is the intent of socialists. With national unemployment near 10 percent in the private sector, the federal government payroll will grow to 2.5 million people this fiscal year (excluding postal workers). Employment in the civilian sector is projected to grow between 153,000 and 1.43 million people in fiscal year 2010.

John Loeffer wrote, the three stages to socialism are: the moral argument – a promise of something for nothing – the silent war between government and its citizens, and Dies Irae: a day of wrath and mourning. (“The Sad Road to Socialism”; Financial Sense Editorials; July 18, 2008).

I submit we are well to the end of the second stage – and as evidenced by the rise of citizen groups, the people aren’t being particularly quiet at this point. We are witnessing a simmering revolt in the military as personnel are publicly refusing to be deployed.

This November, Obama can be assured of a continued backlash against those viewed as traitors to the Constitution. So, how does he ensure his agenda will live on? He packs the courts with those of like minds, and he appoints to the highest court mirror images of himself and his philosophy.

In Elena Kagan, we have someone “just like Obama. We have someone whose only experience in life is with radical politics and whose only desire is to see [secular socialism] become the rule in this country. [She] is a person with no other qualifications, and a stunning blindness to a century’s worth of experience with socialism’s dismal failure.” (Quote by Bob Serrao; May 20, 2010)

For now, his appointments can be viewed as replacing one liberal with a secular socialist, ergo, basically a wash. But, it will only take Justice Kennedy’s leaving to potentially swing the court left for decades to come. And keep in mind that Republican presidents appointed Justice Souter, Justice O’Conner and Justice Stevens.

We can win at the polls; we can take back Congress and the Oval Office – but, if Obama succeeds at installing secular socialist justices to the SCOTUS, like Sotomayor and Kagan, we could end up winning the battle and loosing the war.

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