In Part 1 of this article, I expressed my concern that Glenn Beck might not be around for the long term at Fox News. As I watch him strip BHO and other members of Crime Inc. down to their dirty underwear every day at 5 p.m., I ponder what the Obamaviks will do to try to stop him from destroying their efforts to transform the U.S. into a collectivist paradise.

In that regard, I can envision four possibilities for Beck’s exit:

Assassination. On more than one occasion, Beck has alluded to cement boots and his ending up at the bottom of the East River. He has also assured his audience that he has no inclination to jump off a tall building, and if something like that would ever happen to him, it would not be accidental.

Even more ominous is that Beck continually tells his audience that this isn’t about him, that each and every one of them must stand up and carry on the fight. When he says this, it sparks memories of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous words at a Memphis rally the night before he was murdered: “I may not get there with you, but I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promised land.”

Anyone reasonably knowledgeable about political history knows that those on the far left unabashedly believe that their morally superior objectives justify the use of violence. The problem they have with Beck is that using violence to eliminate him is problematic, given that he has already warned the public to be on the lookout for his untimely demise.

So, let’s assume – and hope – that no harm befalls Glenn Beck. What else, then, might cause him to leave Fox?

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Roger Ailes retires or passes on. Roger Ailes has almost single-handedly propped up the free press in this country, being so good at his job that Fox News has been able to render its left-wing media competition almost irrelevant. When Ailes, who recently turned 70, leaves Fox, there is no assurance that Rupert Murdoch will pick a replacement with equally strong conservative beliefs.

If Roger Ailes is replaced by a “moderate,” the new president of Fox would undoubtedly either terminate Beck or place restrictions on what he could and could not say. And if the latter occurred, you can be sure Beck would depart Fox – with his honor intact, as promised.

Rupert Murdoch passes on. Rupert Murdoch is still going strong, but the reality is that he’s 79 years old. And Murdoch’s children are liberals who have long complained that Fox News is too conservative. With Murdoch gone, there would surely be a major shakeup, and both Roger Ailes and Glenn Beck would quickly be out the door.

The Godfather option. Barack Obama knows that time is against him. With liberal Democrats dropping like flies in primaries and special elections, he can’t afford to wait too long for Roger Ailes to retire or Rupert Murdoch to die.

Solution? Just send “the boys” over to have a little chat with Murdoch and make him “an offer he can’t refuse.” In keeping with diversity czar Mark Lloyd’s stated objective to force “some people to step down to make room for others,” the offer might be as straightforward as: If you get rid of Glenn Beck, Fox News can stay on the air. Otherwise …

Kind of the Obamafia’s version of putting a bloody horse’s head in someone’s bed to improve his perception of reality.

So where does Beck go if he departs Fox News? On at least one occasion, he said that even if the bad guys succeed in forcing him off radio and television, he will come back with a louder voice and larger platform than ever. I found that to be a tantalizing statement, one that caused me to speculate on what such a platform might be.

Of course, the biggest platform of all would be president of the United States. Beck says he would never run for president, because he wouldn’t want to risk losing his soul, the implication being that a person can’t run for president and keep his honor intact.

I thought about this recently when Beck did an in-depth show on George Washington. He emphasized that what made Washington unique was that he did not want to be president. He accepted the office only out of a sense of duty, and refused to stay in office longer than two terms.

I believe Beck sees himself in much the same way. I think he feels a sense of duty to do whatever he can to save America. He knows George Washington did not want to be president, and says that “Americans are looking for someone like George Washington.”

Clearly, he has a vivid sense that he has been put in his current high-profile station in life for a purpose – which means he may not have a choice but to throw his hat into the political ring, either in 2012 or 2016.

Much like the Founding Fathers, I believe Beck has committed himself to using his fame, his fortune and his enormous talents to help defeat the poisonous progressive movement that is fundamentally transforming the United States into a destitute socialist nation.

So, the $64 question is: Will Glenn Beck ultimately conclude that he has no choice but to run for president?

And the $128 question is: Would enough Americans be willing to open their minds to the truths he would expose to elect him president?

If Beck did become president, I believe he would go down as one of the greatest – and most unpopular – patriots in American history. Unpopular because, like George Washington, he would not be willing to trade his honor for popularity.

In any event, if the presidency is not in Beck’s future, it will be interesting to see what his platform will be three to five years down the road. Right now, at Fox News, he’s a ticking time bomb for the progressive movement in this country.

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