Why is it that the American people have so disconnected from their government? Is it the deep economic recession that, contrary to what the Obama administration has been spewing forth, is not getting better but indeed worse? Or is it the state of affairs internationally, where thousands of lives have been lost, tens of thousands of American servicemen have been maimed and trillions of dollars have been spent on a war to fight terrorism, with no end in sight – to name just a few of our major problems.

We could continue to speculate, but the answer is really quite simple. Government has grown so insensitive to the daily needs of our citizens – even when it has a legitimate reason to act – that the American people are simply fed up, if not ready to “man the barricades” and revolt. And, the use of the word “insensitive” is not even enough. Government has grown “evil” in the eyes of many Americans, and not without reason.

It is no wonder that when, last fall, I appeared on C-Span’s “Washington Journal” to discuss my new book, “Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment,” a caller suggested that the network open a new telephone line – “the Fed Up Line.” The traditional C-Span telephone lines for Democrats, Republican or Independents were not enough!

In my columns of the last few weeks, I have written about the Voice of America and the courageous efforts of international broadcasters there in the Persian News Network in particular – like my client Ellie Sataki – who have been fighting to restore its mission to promote freedom in Iran and around the world. Ellie, a true heroine, was sexually harassed by a co-anchor, and then management retaliated against her for daring to complain about not only the harassment, but the compromised coverage of the network, which actually has been supporting the radical Islamic mullahs in Iran so bent putting down Iran’s freedom movement and developing nuclear weapons to threaten and ultimately use against “nonbelievers.”

Ellie’s case is a textbook case of how government can act in a truly evil way.

Before suit was ever filed for her, I approached the agency to take Ellie out of the hostile workplace environment of the Washington, D.C., headquarters of VOA and put her in the Los Angeles satellite office, away from further harm. At the time, Ellie was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. This move would have made infinite sense, since Los Angeles is home to the largest Persian community outside of Tehran, and a lot of news for VOA is generated there. But rather than agree to this, the same managers who retaliated against Ellie told her, nonsensically, that she could only work in the D.C. headquarters, in the Central News Bureau, which deals with Arabic reporting, not Persian. More importantly, the Central News Bureau, which is in the same building as the sexual harasser and the retaliating managers, would not have insulated her from further harm.

If this were not enough, when Ellie became medically disabled as a result of their retaliation, which became vicious, these same managers cut off her pay, while at the same time putting the sexual harasser on administration leave with pay – meaning he could stay home, watch television and collect his paycheck while the agency conducted a fraudulent investigation of his acts.

Ellie is literally bankrupt, cannot pay her doctors’ bills and legal expenses, much less the daily necessities of life, and is without employment, despite the fact that she reported for work recently at the Los Angeles VOA office and was turned away. Instead, the government agency, which has been ranked the worst in the nation, ordered her to report to work in 36 hours in the same D.C. headquarters that was the “scene of the crime.” And, to really pile on, the VOA managers tolds Ellie that if she did not uproot herself from her physicians and continuing medical care in Los Angeles, where she had been convalescing, she would be considered AWOL and fired.

And who was it orchestrating this campaign at VOA to destroy Ellie, driving her nearly to commit suicide, but the head lawyer of VOA, Paul Kollmer-Dorsey, the acting general counsel. As the acting general counsel, Kollmer-Dorsey is the ultimate “yes man,” hoping that if he kisses the derrieres of his clients, they will recommend him to become permanent in his position. He could care less about Ellie, only his own status and career advancement.

Years ago, I conceived of and founded Judicial Watch because I had experienced and been revolted by the corruption and dishonesty in my own profession among judges and lawyers. For whatever reason, and as discussed in my book “Whores,” since early childhood, dishonesty by people around me had gotten under my skin. To see the deceit in my own profession – a calling I had worked so hard to enter and believed in– disgusted me.

So it is no wonder that of all the government villains that have played a role in trying to destroy Ellie, one of the most honest, sincere and dedicated public servants you will ever meet, the one I find the most evil is Kollmer-Dorsey.

As a government lawyer, Kollmer-Dorsey has an obligation not just to further ethics and represent honestly his client, VOA, but also to look after innocent American victims like Ellie, who he also in effect represents.

During the time that I spent as a Justice Department prosecutor, I was taught by my superiors that I represented not only the interests of the government agencies that were my clients, but also the defendants sitting “on the other side of the table.” Honesty, compassion and justice – yes, justice – were the ideals that I was taught as a young lawyer.

But in the Ellie Sataki case, where a government lawyer like Kollmer-Dorsey, joins his clients in trying to destroy a woman, I have seen a government, one that is evil, go far astray from these ideals.

Kollmer-Dorsey is a disgrace, but what worries me the most is that he is not alone. In my many years of fighting the government, I have seen more and more Kollmer-Dorseys, so much so that they are the norm rather than the exception.

And, it is for this reason that the nation is on the verge of revolution. We are far beyond fed up. We are ready to “man the barricades!” The tea-party movement is only the beginning. God help us all!

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