U.S. Supreme Court Justice nominee Kagan arrives for her meeting with Senator Cornyn on Capitol Hill in Washington

A “Keep Out Kagan Day” has been scheduled next week by a group that is organizing to urge senators to reject Elena Kagan, the anti-military, pro-homosexual activist Barack Obama has nominated for a life appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The event on Tuesday, June 8, calls on college activists across the country to notify their senators – and encourage people they know to do the same – to raise opposition to Kagan just as hearings in the U.S. Senate approach.

“Keep Out Kagan Day” is a joint effort between Young America’s Foundation and other groups including Young Americans for Freedom, Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute, Citizens United, Eagle Forum, Coalition for America, Religious Freedom Coalition, Gun Owners of America and Students for Life.

Kagan’s far-left leanings have been well-documented through her time in academia. While at Princeton, Kagan authored a thesis in which she lamented the decline in socialism in America.

Young America’s Foundation particularly is concerned about Kagan’s disregard for students’ rights. She has come out as a proponent of censorship of student publications.

Additionally, Kagan was “deeply distressed” over the fact that military recruiters are able to be present on college campuses.

During her time as the dean of Harvard Law School, Kagan implemented a system barring students from having access to military recruiters at the Harvard Office of Career Services.

Kagan also authored an amicus brief pushing for the Supreme Court to overturn the Solomon Amendment, which was designed to protect military recruitment on college campuses.

“During her time at Harvard Law School she took away students’ rights. Taking all these things into account it’s safe to say she’s wrong on students’ rights, government censorship and the military’s right to recruit on college campuses,” Evan Gassman, Young America’s Foundation spokesman, said.

Ron Robinson, the president of YAF, commented on Kagan’s appointment, “Kagan has a callous disregard for students’ rights. This event is a wake-up call for America’s leadership.”

Confirmation hearings for Kagan are scheduled to begin June 28.

A recent Rasmussen Poll revealed that Kagan has a 47 percent unfavorable rating in America, reflecting the strongest opposition of any recent nominee. Another related poll suggested only 39 percent of likely voters believe Kagan should be nominated.

The program suggests constituents contact their senators through the congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

WND previously reported research by a Massachusetts-based citizens action group had uncovered documents linking Kagan to radical homosexual activists at Harvard who honored Frank Kameny.

Kameny once told a Christian ministry leader the God of the Bible is a “sinful, homophobic bigot.”

“It’s one thing for, as LBJ said, a ‘pin-headed Harvard liberal’ to do things like that. That’s not really news,” said the report from researchers with Mass Resistance, “But this is now about the United States Supreme Court – and probably will affect another quarter-century of decisions! Now it becomes a little chilling.”

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