The president of the United States spends too much time and wind power dissing my country – the country he supposedly represents.

To clarify: The country he represents is not only “his” country but it’s my country and the country of all American citizens. It is his obligation to support and defend this country and defend the Constitution and our freedoms.

The problem is, he always finds reason to demean us (U.S.) and to apologize for what we have done over the decades.

If you were to listen to Barack Obama, the United States is just one country among many and of those, neither special nor unique.

Sorry, Obama, you are wrong when you do that, and you are betraying the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have put their lives on the line to defend our freedoms and to secure freedom for millions across the world.

Just what is the matter with you that you downplay that part of our history?

What is the matter with you that you treat so lightly those lives sacrificed for freedom?

We just commemorated those lives on Memorial Day. If we have a president or any other elected official who betrays their ultimate sacrifice, it is more than reason enough for them to be thrown out of office, permanently and definitively.

That is the ultimate power of the people under our system of government.

Given what has happened in this country over the last weeks concerning illegal aliens and the people of Arizona, the hand has been dealt and the cards are on the table.

Americans are not stupid. They can see what’s going on. Their president is siding with a foreign nation and justifying the massive flouting of American law and border security.

Obama has sided openly with the president of Mexico, who is “just incensed” that at least one of the United States – Arizona – says it wants federal law enforced concerning illegals sneaking into this country.

Instead of the American president supporting one of his own states and telling the foreign president that it’s none of his business that Americans want our borders respected, the man who is president, sides with the foreigner.

What an incredible outrage. What an insult to all loyal Americans.

It’s so easy to talk about “immigration reform,” but it’s not so easy to determine just what people mean by that.

For the liberals – for Obama and his ilk in Congress – it means make it easier for foreigners to get into this country and become beneficiaries of citizenship.

For Obama, it means that people who crossed the border illegally, who worked here illegally, who took advantage of our largesse in terms of living, welfare, education, medical care and more – for them, it means those people should get a pass.

If they got in illegally, well then, let them stay. Let them have a leg up on citizenship. Let them provide liberal Democrats what they perceive to be an permanent voting bloc of people who may be in this country but who have no real knowledge of what it means to be American citizens with all that entails.

The only thing the politicians want is a group of people who will vote the way they want them to. They believe they’re doing those “poor little brown people” a wonderful favor by making them a part of this country and that they will own them forever.

What an incredible elitist attitude. What an insult to those people and to those legal American citizen immigrants, regardless of skin color.

Arizona has been inundated with illegal aliens, and the federal government has intentionally ignored its pleas for help. It had intentionally ignored repeated letters from Gov. Jan Brewer asking for help. How do you explain that?

Arizona passes a law that duplicates federal law – that it is illegal to be in this country illegally. How difficult is that to comprehend?

Not so difficult when you realize that Obama and his administration oppose the law, tear it apart, demean Arizona and its people and plan to hit the state with federal lawsuits.

If you think that it’s because they really care that the law is being enforced, consider that just a few days ago, Attorney General Eric Holder thundered, “We will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone who has broken the law.”

Wow. Impressive.

He was talking about pulling out the legal stops and destroying British Petroleum, because of the oil rig leak.

He’s said nothing even close about the illegal aliens who swarm into this country daily and rob us blind.

Holder isn’t doing his job, neither is Barack Obama and neither are the members of Congress who support flagrant lawlessness.

Pay attention Americans and deal with it on Election Day.

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