What do cockroaches and judges have in common? The answer is that they are probably the only species on earth that would survive an atomic attack by the Islamic Iranian regime.

You know me as the only lawyer ever to have obtained a court ruling that an American president committed a crime, which occurred during the Clinton years when my group, Judicial Watch, uncovered the fact Bill Clinton had illegally released the government files of a woman, Kathleen Willey, whom the president had sexually harassed in the Oval Office.

Years later, I have written about another sexual harassment case, one that happened in the Persian News Network of Voice of America. Here, Elham Sataki, a courageous and beautiful Persian broadcaster and co-anchor of the show “Straight Talk,” was subjected to constant “come-ons” by her co-host, Mehdi Falahati. When she rejected him, he not only assaulted her by wildly pulling at her bra straps, he went to his “friends” in VOA management and had her fired from her anchor job. One of the managers in particular, Ali Sajjadi, whose father is admittedly a mullah in Iran and who recently trashed the Iranian freedom movement on the VOA show “Static,” took a “special interest” in harming Ms. Sataki, in my view because she is a conservative who believes strongly in “regime change” in Iran. Sajjadi, the senior managing editor of the Persian News Network of VOA, supports the Islamic regime.

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As I have previously written in this column, when the retaliation continued and Ms. Sataki was not permitted to work outside of this hostile workplace environment, and her pay was cut, she had a nervous breakdown, with thoughts of suicide. She is now under psychological and other medical care, recuperating in Los Angeles. But when her condition improved and her doctors said she could return to work at the VOA Los Angeles office, Sajjadi and the other offending managers at VOA slammed the door in her face and continued to deprive her of even the backpay they had withheld, money so important for her to survive and even pay her doctors’ bills.

The way Ms. Sataki has been treated by a U.S. government agency is why most Americans today now view our politicians and other leaders as evil. It is why we are about to enter into a very dangerous time in our nation’s history. I firmly believe, again, as I have written before, that we are on the verge of a second, and this time equally violent, revolution – although I continue to pray that this will not come to pass.

The reason I feel this way is not just because government agencies and Congress have so detached from the people of our great nation, and in fact become evil as Ms. Sataki has experienced, but because our legal system has also become so compromised and corrupt that it can no longer serve as an effective check on government abuse and illegality.

Just last week I petitioned the federal court in Washington, D.C., to step in and order the managers at VOA to allow Ms. Sataki to return to work and be paid for her services. The case was assigned regrettably to a Clinton appointee, Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, with whom I have locked horns in the past. You see, Judge Kollar-Kotelly is a partisan Democrat – her lawyer husband helped defend President Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Thanks to all of my lawsuits against Clinton during the 1990s, Kollar-Kotelly does not like me. Judges are supposed to put their politics aside when ruling on cases, but Judge Kollar-Kotelly has always had a problem doing this with me. I was perceived to be the most fierce anti-Clinton advocate during this era.

One would have thought, despite my differences with Judge Kollar-Kotelly, that she would have sympathized with a fellow woman who was sexually harassed, was retaliated against and is now bankrupt and on the verge of suicide. One would have thought that Judge Kollar-Kotelly would have moved quickly – using what lawyers call her equitable powers – to keep Ms. Sataki from going under financially, emotionally and physically by allowing her to return to work. And, one would have thought that Judge Kollar-Kotelly would have ordered a quick hearing to address these issues. But, regrettably, Judge Kollar-Kotelly, unable to separate out her partisan politics and her dislike of me, not only turned down Ms. Sataki’s request to immediately allow her to return to work and be paid, she refused to give her even a hearing. This hearing is necessary because the managers at VOA lied in sworn statements they provided to the court, and questioning them on the witness stand is necessary to get to the truth. Judge Kollar-Kotelly accepted – lock, stock and barrel – all of these lies in turning down Ms. Sataki’s request to be allowed to return to work and be paid.

As Ms. Sataki’s lawyer, I have now been forced to seek disqualification of Judge Kollar-Kotelly as well as prepare a formal complaint against her. This is sad, because another jurist – such as former federal Judge Stanley Sporkin (to whom I gave an award while I was head of Judicial Watch) – would have stepped in immediately, without putting Ms. Sataki through further pain and suffering, and told VOA to put my client back to work with pay.

Long live the cockroaches and judges! There are very few Judge Sporkins alive on the bench these days. And most judges, chosen through political patronage or a corrupt election system, do not have the integrity, temperament or intellect to be judges. So the American people have been left defenseless with judges who will not protect them from the powers of a dishonest and evil government. And, without a strong, fair, honest and courageous judiciary to serve as a check to government abuse and illegality, the American people may be left with no choice but to eventually wage another revolution.

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