I remember my mother telling me about the old Lifebuoy Soap radio commercials that talked of the dreaded “B.O.” – meaning body odor and the need for a deodorant soap to get rid of the smell.

I think of that every time I think of the man who is president.

His initials are B.O., and that reminds me of the stench that emanates from his administration and the Obama Congress that’s on the fast track to destroy this country.

That stench permeates everything that’s done – or, in some cases, not done – with an intent that’s at odds with what Americans expect from the person who is president.

What is important for this man and the people around him? Is it seeking peace? Then what about Afghanistan? Or Iraq? Or the war against terrorism and militant Islam?

There’s a virtual silence from the White House underscored by declarations that we cannot even use the words to describe our enemies – who are, remember, people who want to kill us.

But to hear B.O. and the gang, they don’t exist. Tell that to the Sept. 11 dead.

What about peace in the Middle East? As the administration does its level best to humiliate Israel and side with the Palestinians, Hamas and Hezbollah, it seemingly ignores that it’s pushing us ever closer to a real, guns-firing/bombs-dropping confrontation with Iran.

Those U.N. sanctions against Iran because of its uranium-enrichment program have all the effectiveness of cotton candy. It looks good, but it’s all air – hot air, in this case – and Iran laughs in our faces.

The latest resolution adopted by the U.N. Security Council last Wednesday was summarily dismissed by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as being just “a piece of paper. A worthless paper.”

You can tell he’s shaking in his boots. Yes, he’s heard it before and knows the threats are empty.

It reminds me of the warning from the B.O. administration last Saturday to British Petroleum that it had best get the oil-well leak in the Gulf of Mexico under control by Sunday – meaning yesterday.

And then? What if they don’t or can’t or won’t? What’s B.O. going to do about it? More empty threats.

Yes, the BP oil-platform spill is horrendous, and, yes, the damage will be severe and long-lasting. But to read through the Washington rhetoric, you’d think BP did it intentionally, and even though this kind of accident is virtually unheard-of, B.O. and the gang are piling on the oil companies and coming up with ways to make it harder and more expensive for them to do business.

Stop all deep-sea drilling? Stop all offshore drilling? Raise financial penalties, after the fact, for accidents?

Sounds tough and caring – tough on big, bad oil and caring about the planet. Awwwww.

But who would such extreme actions really hurt? No, not the oil companies. They’d be injured but would survive. It’s a big world out there that uses and needs petroleum and related products.

It’s American consumers who would be smacked broadside by higher prices for energy and the shortages in consumer products. But B.O. and the gang don’t care because they’ve decided they know best how Americans should live, and if it costs more, well, so be it. They’ve decided this country needs to reduce “dependence on petroleum” and are forcing those changes across our economy.

Whether it’s cap and trade, cap and tax, climate-change concerns, global warming or whatever they finally call it, it boils down to B.O. and the feds forcing change on America.

For our own good, of course.

What about the economy? All we hear is that the government needs to spend more money – no word on the source of those bucks – and to create “new” jobs – no specifics on that either, especially since government cannot “create” jobs.

What’s with all this creation of things by Obama? I know he thinks he’s God, but judging by how things are playing out, he’s lost his touch – if he ever really had it. And he didn’t.

As Americans deal with continued unemployment, rising prices and a future filled with more of the same, we have the administration, B.O. and Congress falling all over themselves with new ways to raise taxes and prices under the guise of reducing the deficit.

While B.O. is demanding that Congress come up with more money for his health-care plan, we have Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., and his Sustainable Defense Task Force proposing cuts of more than a trillion dollars for defense – everything from reductions in planes and ships to eliminating new equipment procurements, cutting our nuclear arsenal, reducing Army and Marine troop strength, reforming compensation and medical care and, as reported in The Hill, “reducing recruiting expenditures once the wars wind down to preserve about $5 billion.”

Once the wars wind down? What does that mean? Do we win or lose – or does he care?

Of course, there’s the warning of what would happen if these cuts aren’t made: higher taxes and spending cuts that would hurt the environment, housing and highway construction.

Silly me, I’m old-fashioned enough to believe that if we aren’t able to defend ourselves against enemies determined to destroy us, new houses and highways would be the least of our concerns.

We already have a clue as to how B.O. and the gang regard our security: They’re deliberately leaving our borders porous, kowtowing to the arrogance of Mexico in its support of their citizens swarming into this country illegally, breaking our laws, siphoning from our state and local budgets for benefits and, in virtually every case of confrontations, acting against our own police and Border Patrol officers.

Whose side are they on and why?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know?

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