If you’re a busy parent with small children, think of the time you could save (and stress you could avoid) by not having to chase down every last cracker that falls underneath or between each seat or cushion in the car or at home.

The answer to less stress and more quality time with your children at home and on the go is the American-made Munchie Mug snack cup, and you can find out all about it at MunchieMug.com.

The Munchie Mug was developed by a retired science teacher who became a lone grandparent of six grandchildren after the passing of his wife to cancer. He knew his children loved being parents, but they all had one common complaint: constantly cleaning up spilled food. There were plenty of spill-resistant cups on the market for liquids but not for solid food snacks.

So Phil Amormino created a snack cup that was both spill-resistant and solved the problem of always having to chase down that last spilled Cheerio. The Munchie Mug is completely safe for children, is completely made in America, and is BPA- and phthalate-free. The FDA has certified the Munchie Mug as 100 percent compliant, including all the inks and colored dyes, which are approved for direct food contact.

The 16-ounce Munchie Mug was developed with both the goal of child safety in mind and dedication to the safer standard of American manufacturing as well. All Munchie Mugs are made of tough, durable and recyclable No. 5 polypropylene from American suppliers.

This innovative snack cup, which has made cleaning up after their children a much easier and less stressful task for happy parents all across the country, took three years to develop before it was released to the public. The initial idea was not to develop a mass-market product, but simply one that made it so Phil Amormino’s daughter would not have to clean up after her 1-year-old son all the time.

But after everyone saw how it filled such a practical need in a mom’s everyday life, Phil and another local grandparent actually developed and built an automated production machine so the Munchie Mug could be produced in volume.

After three years of research, product testing, FDA compliance and production machine building, the Munchie Mug was ready to lend a helping hand to happy parents everywhere. At MunchieMug.com, you can see several testimonials from several parents about how well the snack cup works and how well it has held up over time.

The Munchie Mug is quick and easy to use. Simply unscrew the lid and put in the snack. The soft cloth opening actually remains closed at all times, that is, until the child wants a snack. When hungry, the child easily and comfortably puts his or her entire hand through the soft, non-scratchy opening and grabs the snack. Then the hand is freely withdrawn through the opening with the hand holding the snack. When the hand is removed, the cloth opening closes by itself. A solid, stay-fresh lid also is supplied in order to keep the snack fresh when the mug is not in use.

In addition to the rigorous three years of testing in the development of the Munchie Mug and by lots of parents everywhere, I’ve personally tested it myself, and the Munchie Mug really works! Even when filled with liquid and turned upside down, there is no leaking. Not one drop!

The Munchie Mug snack cup is for children 10 months and older, but if you have children younger than 10 months, you’ll definitely want to keep it on your shopping list. Or, better yet, go ahead and order one now for each child so you’ll have it ready to use when needed. At the very reasonable price of only $15.95, the time you’ll save, the stress you’ll avoid and the happier times you’ll share with your child will all be well worth it.

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