Poor Barack Obama.

He wants so much to be accepted, liked and revered as president – even though he has trouble being proud of the United States.

Just refer to his many speeches across the world when he spent more time apologizing for or criticizing this country for actions he perceives as worthy of shame rather than touting our exceptional achievements over the centuries.

Remember, too, it was his wife Michelle, now “first lady,” who spoke proudly of the “fact” that the first time she was ever proud of this country was when her “black” husband was the Democrat presidential nominee.

It must be hard to pretend to be proud of your job when you apparently hate its existence and history.

It’s clear he doesn’t have much respect for the beliefs and feelings of American citizens.

Consider: his attitude about border security with Mexico.

A huge preponderance of Americans want the border secured, an end to the invasion by illegal aliens, an end to the crime and violence against citizens by illegals, an end to the illegal employment of those aliens by American businesses and an end to the draining of our local and state economies by the millions of illegal aliens who sneak into the country and stay here, feeding at the trough of public monies.

What does Barack Obama do to end this crisis? Not much. He did meet with Mexican President Felipe Calderon but took the opportunity to agree with him about how bad the U.S. is to those people illegally crossing our border.

Talk about a smack in the face of law-abiding citizens as well as foreigners wanting to obey the law to gain legal status in this country – but then, Obama is president and gets a free pass to do and say what he pleases.

There are federal laws concerning the border and how violators are to be handled.

They are good laws, but they’re not enforced. The federal government simply ignores them.

Americans disagree with that, but Washington pays no attention.

Finally, Arizona – fed up with growing crime and lawlessness – passed a state law, identical to the federal, making it illegal to be in the state illegally.


You’d have thought a massive posse was going to rampage the state, finding illegals and driving them, en masse, across the border.

No doubt some would like that, but the law simply enables police, during routine infraction stops, to inquire about the immigration status of the individual if there’s reason to question it.

The uproar was deafening. Hispanic immigrant-rights organizations screamed, “Racism!” Similar reaction echoed through Congress and many states, leading to declarations of boycotts of Arizona.

Of course, the man who is president talked about the unfairness of the law and that it would be investigated. The Justice Department confirms that, and reports are the Obama gang will sue Arizona.

The issue even lit a fire under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who denounced the law and declared that a lawsuit is forthcoming.

What’s bizarre is that Clinton was in Ecuador when she made that pronouncement during an interview, to say nothing about the fact that the issue isn’t under her purview as secretary of state.

This all just stiffened the resolve of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer who signed the bill and stands by it. She says Arizona will defend it in court and will win.

She’s furious that she learned of the lawsuit from Clinton’s Ecuadorean interview. Brewer calls Clinton’s action outrageous, saying Americans should be the first to know, and not from a foreign country.

The White House says staffers will meet with Brewer June 28 to discuss National Guard troops on the border. No word if the potential lawsuit will be on the agenda.

Poor Obama.

It must be a headache to deal with such annoying details as people disagreeing with him when he’d clearly prefer to just ask for and get a law to his liking or just issue executive orders. That would be so much simpler.

But the American people like Arizona’s law, and other states want to copy it.

So while Obama can’t ignore Arizona, he also can’t ignore the growing environmental disaster from the oil-rig explosion and leak. He’s not making friends there, either. Americans want some emotion and action from the Oval Office. All they get is petulance from Congress and the reality that no one is in charge.

Obama’s Oval Office speech was poorly received on both sides of the aisle. His hot air and bluster served as a platform for his ultimate goal to mortally wound the oil industry and change energy usage.

Obama also came up short in London. Commentator Janet Daley summed it up succinctly: “British media fall out of love with Obama.”


Then the Los Angeles Times reported that new Pew polls show the “Muslim world losing confidence in Obama.”

Double oops!

Concerning his “handling” of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, of 22 nations polled, only three supported him: France, Nigeria and Kenya. For a man who bowed to foreign rulers and strived for Muslim support, this is a real blow.

But the oil spill shows his lack of caring about image and public relations.

While western media beat up BP CEO Tony Hayward because, after being driven from this country and his cleanup duties, he watched a yacht race in which his own boat was competing. People were outraged he wasn’t knee-deep in oil cleaning up the Gulf.

But Obama did much the same. He took off for Ohio for a political trip and then, Friday night, took aides and his daughters to a D.C. baseball game.

Apparently he was above being on the scene of disaster that threatens his own country.

But Americans noticed.

Obama take note: Americans can, and do, vote.

They put you in office. They can take you out.

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