The Obama faux-administration and its Democrat-enablers in Congress have become world leaders in at least one industry: They dominate the world in floating hot-air trial balloons up into the rarefied media ether that covers Washington, D.C. The only time the air momentarily clears is when Air Force One revs its engines and launches Obama and his media entourage to a new rock-star party or the golf links. Good thing there’s plenty of oil floating around in the Gulf to produce all that jet fuel.

While trial balloons are common to all administrations and congresses, they have never been released 24/7/365. Ordinarily, some underlying thought was attempted prior to inflating and releasing them. The resulting feedback told those directing the thinking what direction would be most productive to pursue.

Not so this crop of hot-air incompetents: Everything is a trial balloon. Do you know why? The people in this faux-administration, whom the Left assured America were so gawd-awful smart they would soon fix the entire world, are in fact a corrupt cabal of intellectually bereft fools with no plan who have run out of recycled ideas and are engaged full-time in mortgaging America’s future to pay off their corrupt crony friends. To what end? A last-ditch effort to secure another election so they can continue “fixing” America.

Well, America has been “fixed” all right.

One of the trial balloons that shot up recently (obviously from congressional Democrats who are suddenly smelling the rose fertilizer wafting in from voter-land) posited a Hillary Clinton presidency. Why, guys and girls? Are the fall elections looking like a bit too much “hope and change” is in the air?

For Obama voters now suffering buyer’s remorse, and who are still naive enough to think that President Hillary represents a real possibility in 2012, you don’t understand. You don’t understand at all.

Hillary Clinton was put in the State Department by the Obama mis-administration for the same reason Condoleezza Rice was put in the State Department by the Bush administration: To insure that she will NEVER, NEVER, EVER become president. The State Department is a lose-lose proposition, and Hillary Clinton is as good as stuffed for posterity. Put her in a corner of the Clinton museum, just like Trigger in Roy Rogers’ living room.

While Condoleezza Rice has figured this out and gone on with her life, Hillary Clinton still seems oblivious. The most recent evidence for this is her pronouncement on television in Ecuador that the United States would sue Arizona over its immigration law.

Really? The State Department? I thought the State Department dealt with foreign states, Madam Secretary? Or perhaps Madam Secretary has confused Ecuador with Arizona? Easy to do, I’m sure. I guess the echos of “It’s a small, small world” drifting up the Eastern seaboard from Disney World have finally worked their magic.

What all the supposed brainpower in D.C. has failed to grasp is that the American people have already made up their minds about the fall elections. The trial balloons are only showing that the campaign never ended, and that the campaign’s beneficiaries have no idea what needs to be done, let alone how to do it.

This is America, and you need to understand something. You were elected to fix it, and you failed. That’s the end of the story. Your rhetoric and your hot-air balloons are going nowhere this summer.

The American people already recognize that Democrats are unfit to lead the country, except when there are budget surpluses stored in burlap bags in the Fed’s basement that need to be spent. Today those are long gone, and there is no foreign aid to bail out America.

Nothing you do matters any longer. We’ve already decided that the Democratic Party, its “leadership councils” and its government-owned big-media propaganda machines are filled with hopeless party hacks, useless communist idiots (they now call themselves “progressives”) and politically oh-so-correct touchy-feelies who have not even the vaguest idea of how the world actually operates.

The good news is, you soon will.

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