I have come up with the campaign slogan for anyone opposing Democrats and President Obama in the 2010 congressional and 2012 presidential elections! It’s catchy and to the point, and it even lends itself to an acronym, “WTW,” or “Worse than ‘W’!” With my reference to “W,” I am obviously talking about our last of an increasingly long line of failed American presidents (excluding Ronald Reagan): George W. Bush.

A little while after the 2008 presidential election, I came upon the only Bush who, in my opinion, had the brains, vision and temperament to have been president – Jeb Bush. Jeb, whom I got to know when I first moved back to Miami in 1994 – in fact he was my commercial real-estate agent at the time, his having just narrowly lost his first race for governor – was crouched in a chair in the waiting area of LaGuardia Airport working on his Apple laptop, it seemed to me hoping that he would not be noticed. But that’s hard for Jeb on a Miami flight, as he is about 6 feet 3 inches tall and was chief executive of the Sunshine State.

Jeb and I had been kind of friends during the early years of Judicial Watch, which I founded in 1994. While wary that Judicial Watch, an ethics watchdog, could potentially investigate him and his family, he was always cordial, even if a bit standoffish. Jeb would sometimes call me to find out the latest developments in my war against the Clintons and their felonious ways, but never let me into his plans or his “inner circle” in Miami. I had in fact offered to help his public-interest group, “Foundation for Florida’s Future,” and donated money to his worthy cause.

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So, when I saw Jeb at LaGuardia, I walked up to him quietly and softly, so as not to “scare” him. I was curious to see how he felt about the recent election of Barack Obama and the huge loss of the Republican Party in the congressional elections. Looking at Jeb straight on, I said with a slight smile: “How are we going to save our party, Jeb?” And with a pained if not wry smile in return, Jeb replied, “Humility, humility, humility …”

In effect, Jeb was admitting that his brother, “W,” had really screwed up and that Republicans now had to take it on the chin and repent for the incompetence and arrogance of the last eight years in the White House.

Indeed, in looking back, I am hard pressed, as apparently Jeb was too, to see much “W” did that turned out well. After being a good cheerleader in the wake of Sept. 11, “W” then proceeded to bust the budget, violate the constitutional rights of American citizens with illegal wiretaps and detentions, wage an unnecessary, costly and counterproductive war in Iraq that has resulted in a so-called democracy that has recently legitimized the election of radical Shiite Muslims, loyal to the mullahs in Tehran, failed to monitor the sinking economy, which he left in ruins without a clue how that happened, and did not address serious international cancers in North Korea and Iran – regimes that now have or likely have the atom bomb and threaten us all. It was by anyone’s account, even Jeb Bush’s, an unprecedented disaster, compounding the injury to the nation caused by the previous eight years of constant scandal by the Clintons. It’s no wonder the country “bought” the bull of the “Obamas” and the “Clintonistas” that captured the White House and Congress.

But now revisionist history is under way and “W” is starting to “look good” compared to Obama, our socialist, even more incompetent, totally disengaged, anti-Israel if not anti-Semitic, anti-Iranian-freedom-movement and arguably Muslim president who identifies more with the Arab world than Christians, Jews and even secular Muslims. Not only have Beverly Hills liberal Jews lost faith in him over his relentless attacks against the Jewish state, but so, too, apparently has the military – if the recent outburst of Gen. McChrystal, our newly fired commander in Afghanistan, is to be given any credence.

Obama is now seen by even the left as a “disaster,” particularly given his latest management failure – the oil spill that has ruined the Gulf Coast, which has angered his environmentalist buddies. Can you imagine how Obama would fare if a terrorist group detonated an atomic bomb in our midst, or unleashed a biological attack? God save us all – left, right and center!

While the Republicans may simply be the beneficiaries of the nation’s discontent with Obama in this fall’s elections, and then in 2012 after that, with the GOP being bereft of ideas and not having demonstrated any newly discovered competence or commitment to the people, it is clear tough times lie ahead no matter who assumes the wheel of the rapidly sinking ship of state.

And, if election of the Republicans does not then result in improvement in the economy and the international scene, expect, as I have said before, this country to eventually come apart at the seams and explode.

Our nation’s capital continues to party on as “Rome burns.” While Obama may be “worse than ‘W,'” this is little solace for the ills of our society, our petty fixation on ourselves and the lack of direction in our body politic.

Conservatives have always liked to see doom and gloom. The problem is that this time it’s for real, even if the campaign slogan “WTW” may help them win back Congress and the White House this year and in 2012.

What, then, is the next campaign slogan without a plan or vision to revive our economic, political and legal systems and restore Judeo-Christian ethics to our way of life … “WTO”?

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