There is a relentless war being waged against American men that literally spans the entire extent of their lives. From the womb, in which a woman’s “right” to abort a male baby for being male is defended but a similar right to abort a female baby for being female is vehemently opposed, to the grave, wherein the disparate impact of old age is ignored despite women living 5.2 years longer than men on the average, men are systematically, structurally and unstintingly under assault.

Most men understand this on some level, but like the nice dependable man who can’t figure out why attractive women repeatedly reject him in favor of unemployed losers with criminal records, they are incapable of doing anything about it because they simply can’t believe that women truly do not think or behave like men. Because they want to believe that women are “the civilizing force,” their “better halves” or “the fair sex,” they are constitutionally incapable of seeing what is, from a rational male perspective, the seething cauldron of amoral solipsism behind the collective pretty face.

The great theoreticians of Game, the social concept which has evolved from effective pick-up artistry to an incipient social science based on the sound principles of intelligent observation and the practical application of the scientific method, have conclusively demolished the outmoded Victorian view of women as more moral, more honorable or more high-minded than men. Indeed, they have demonstrated quite the opposite in illustrating how the male concepts of logic, honor, justice and self-sacrifice are almost entirely alien to the female mind.

Of course, this does not mean that an individual woman cannot grasp those fundamentally male concepts or even dedicate herself to them to such an extent as to put most men to shame. But she will not do so naturally, and adopting them requires either immersion in a social structure built upon those values or the possession of an unusual mind guided by abstract principles. Because modern American society is no longer structured on those “oppressive” and “patriarchal” values, and because few men or women possess such minds, it is necessary for American men to understand that the old values to which they instinctively cling are not valued by most of the members of the opposite sex.

Consider one 11-year-old boy’s report direct from the bowels of what is the closest approach to a complete matriarchy to be found outside of the mythological accounts of Hippolyta’s amazonian queendom, the American school system.

[O]n the playground girls basically had more rights than boys. They had greater equipment privileges and if a girl asked to join a game, the boys had to say yes and go easy on her, but if a boy asked to join a game, the girls had the right to say no. … At Beverly Vista, my first teacher was a full-time misandrist and global-warming wacko. She definitely hated boys and men and constantly spoke of male inferiority. If a boy ever mentioned an accomplishment that happened to be by a man, she would bring up an accomplishment by a female (but always tied to the feminist movement) even though we weren’t debating whether men or women were superior.

– Sam Besserman, American Thinker

Young Sam understands that he is under attack on the basis of his sex, even if he has no idea why. Moreover, he even recognizes the direct link between the ideology of female superiority and political left-liberalism that escapes so many adult political analysts. He does not need to read this column because he already knows that he is in a war that was neither of his making nor of his choosing.

But most men, especially men of the Baby Boom and World War II generations, do not understand this because they have bought into the myth of equality that was marketed to them under false pretenses by the ideologists of female superiority. And yet, it is not only an observable, provable and scientifically established fact that there is no such thing as material equality between the sexes, it is also an observable and provable fact that legal equality between the sexes does not exist, either. Nor is there spiritual equality of the sexes under any of the major religions of the West, the Christian concept of Original Sin notwithstanding.

The first step in winning any war is recognizing that whereas it takes two to tango, it only takes one side to start a war. Men have been in unthinking and instinctive retreat before the implacable onslaught of female ideologues for 80 years, which has now reached the point that the very foundations of Western civilization have crumbled and are approaching collapse. And unless men realize that they are engaged in a war that they did not choose, the civilization they constructed so painstakingly over many centuries will devolve into the primitive grass-hut matriarchy from whence it came.

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