The 20th century was a horrible litany of absurd experiments and atrocities committed by intellectuals, or by elite groupings that claimed a higher knowledge. Simple folk usually have enough common sense to avoid the worst errors. Sometimes they need to take very stern action to stop intellectuals leading us to ruin.

– Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Gen. McChrystal was wasting his time in Afghanistan. The real war is going on here, in America. It’s the war the ism-infatuated intellectuals and East Coast elitist thieves have been waging against America since the days of the 16th and 17th amendments to the Constitution.

The 16th Amendment (do it for the war, don’t you know) gave the federal government a reliably massive source of coercive funding, free of constitutional constraints, which enabled it to grow far beyond anything the Founding Fathers could have imagined (or perhaps they had – which is why they took such pains to limit their federal creation).

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The Federal Reserve was created almost immediately afterward that same year (Dec. 23, 1913 – Merry Christmas, America). This gave the federal government the power to control banks, regardless of where they were located, and thus the flow of money nationwide. It was also a reliable purchaser of federal government debt – in case “enough” tax money to feed the beast could not be collected from the nation’s newly indentured servants (formerly known as citizens).

The 17th Amendment broke the back of states’ power over the federal government by removing state legislatures’ ability to appoint United States senators to represent them in Congress. It centralized power in urban areas, destroyed rural areas and made the power of the press to manipulate public opinion during election time a very valuable commodity.

Armed with the massive money flow generated by a tax on incomes, and freed of the power state legislatures could effect upon the United States Senate by appointing their states’ senators, the intellectualist and elitist thieves have never looked back.

Washington, D.C., became a magnet for financial parasites, be they politicians, lobbyists or corporate interests – the latter of whom found greasing the hands operating the levers of power in D.C. far more lucrative than developing new products and services, or otherwise competing in the private sector. By eliminating competition and charging more for goods and services, there was more money to spread around in D.C. Think of it as an informal tax.

The nation’s inconsequential (and in their eyes underappreciated) intelligentsia finally had an audience for the isms they had been nurturing in their self-inflated egos. They knew that they alone had the knowledge to save the earth and humanity from itself, if only they would be given the chance! And in the nation’s capital, they found the audience they needed.

Forget Afghanistan, Gen. McChrystal. We need you here.

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