Demonstrating the continuing influence of talk radio, both Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck made the latest Forbes “Celebrity 100” power rankings for 2010, coming in at No. 19 and No. 41, respectively.

Rush not only outranked rival Beck, but was also judged to be more “powerful” than David Letterman (No. 24) and Ellen DeGeneres (No. 23).

Limbaugh was one of many talk-radio stars participating in the annual Troopathon fundraiser this week.

The all-star event also saw Mike Gallagher, Dennis Miller, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and a host of others gather at the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library to raise over a half-million dollars to send care packages to troops overseas.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh hasn’t written a book in many years, even though his previous titles were huge bestsellers. But Limbaugh’s biographer Zev Chafets has revealed that Rush says, “He is going to write another book. He’s calling it ‘The Front Nine,’ which I think he wants to write about the lessons that he’s learned in his life about friendship and so on.”

“Obama is Herbert Hoover,” Rush told listeners this week.

“You know they used to call those unemployment camps Hoovervilles. Well, now we’re going to see Obamavilles springing up all across the nation,” Limbaugh said (FREE audio).

Rush’s in-house celebrity impersonator Paul Shanklin put out a new satirical sketch, in which “Al Gore” receives advice about dealing with a sex scandal, from his ex-boss (FREE audio).

In other hilarity, Rush’s African-American call screener “Bo Snerdley” had Limbaugh cracking up with his impersonation of Congressman John Lewis’ distinctive speaking style (FREE webcam).

Sean Hannity

Surprising news from Salt Lake City: Sean Hannity’s show may no longer air on KSL radio, because “he doesn’t meet the new values code instituted by Deseret Media,” a company owned by the LDS (Mormon) church.

According to a report in the Salt Lake Tribune, the “new mission statement, some might call it a creed, includes pledges like: ‘I seek to lift, inspire and help others find enduring happiness’ and ‘I promote integrity, civility, morality and respect for all people.'”

The Tribune reporter continues, “As you can imagine, Sean Hannity, who is beloved by his listeners for saying things like – ‘I’ll tell you who should be tortured and killed at Guantanamo – every filthy Democrat in the U.S. Congress’ – has a large problem in the civility-respect area.”

This week on radio, Hannity’s guests included New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, outspoken British conservative Daniel Hannan, Rick Santelli and many others (audio is members only).

Mark Levin

Mark Levin warned listeners this week that “we are losing our liberty,” thanks to the DISCLOSE Act (FREE audio).

Levin also slammed conservative magazine National Review for endorsing John McCain over his opponent, former talk-radio host J.D. Hayworth (FREE audio).

Levin had a stunning interview with Christian Adams, who resigned from the Department of Justice over their mishandling of the “New Black Panther” case involving racially motivated voter intimidation (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

Michael Savage denounced the new nominee to the Supreme Court as Elena “Kagan the Pagan” (FREE audio).

At his website, Savage explained, “Among Jewish people there is a type that Jews themselves call a bagel-and-lox Jew. Kagan the Pagan is a bagel-and-lox Jew. It means a person of Jewish descent who mocks her own religion, a person who shuns her own religion. When she spoke at her nomination hearings this week and said she was probably like most Jews at a Chinese restaurant during Christmas. What she is doing is insulting not only her own heritage, but Christians as well.”

On Monday, Savage talked about the Supreme Court’s historic Second Amendment decision, and took a revealing call about gun control from a listener claiming to be a former member of East Germany’s Secret Police (FREE audio):

G. Gordon Liddy

All week, Liddy has been discussing Elena Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court with experts like Byron York and Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition.

Liddy welcomed author Brad Thor on the show to talk about his new blockbuster thriller, “Foreign Influence.” Thor told the fascinating story of his real-life experiences after Sept. 11, when he “was placed in a analytic red-cell program where he, and other creative minds, came up with scenarios concerning what targets terrorist organizations would attack next.”

Also this week, American Idol finalist David Archuleta talked about staying true to his Mormon faith while dealing with the temptations of celebrity, and Col. Jim Howard called in via satellite with a live report from Iraq (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck’s new novel “The Overton Window” sold over 132,000 copies in its first week and will debut at the top of the next New York Times bestseller list.

Beck informed listeners that his doctor has informed him that he may be losing his eyesight, but that it is too soon to tell. He also announced that his premium Insider Extreme members can now attend “Beck University” – online educational seminars led by experts in the fields of religion, economics and history.

Speaking of history: “I know why Obama returned the Churchill bust to Britain,” Beck announced on his radio show this week. He read from a report from the U.K. newspaper The Telegraph (FREE audio):

“Barack Obama’s grandfather was imprisoned and brutally tortured by the British during the violent struggle for Kenyan independence, according to the Kenyan family of the U.S. president-elect,” Beck reported.

In a weird segment on MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann show, liberal talk-show host Bill Press talked about Beck’s upcoming rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Said Press, “I really think 100 years from now [Beck] sees Abraham Lincoln off that chair and Glenn Beck sitting on it, looking at the mall.”

Finally, from the left side of the dial …

Good talk-radio hosts pride themselves on having their fingers on the pulse of their listeners’ moods and concerns. For some reason, Rev. Al Sharpton was caught off guard when listeners expressed overwhelming support for that pro-Second-Amendment decision handed down by the Supreme Court (FREE audio).

Sharpton admitted on the air: “I would say 90 percent of the calls I received yesterday were in support of the Supreme Court, and people say they want to bear guns. They’re tired of the violence and it’s very, very interesting. I have had a few on both sides today, but yesterday was overwhelming, it was stunning to me.

“I just told Attorney Lou Meyers, lady stopped me last night; I did the commencement address at Boys and Girls High. She said, ‘I listen to your show, Reverend, and I want you to know I’m saved, sanctified by feel of the Holy Ghost, but if they come in my house, I’m going to drop them right where they stand.’ So, and she looked like she was in her eighties.”

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