Former “Saturday Night Live” star Victoria Jackson

Comedian, actress and singer Victoria Jackson, one of the stars of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” in the 1980s and ’90s, is making no secret concerning who she thinks can best lead America away from what she says is a communist threat in the White House.

“I trust Sarah Palin,” said Jackson, who will be taking part in WND’s upcoming “Taking America Back” national conference in Miami. “People make fun of her because they’re afraid of her, because she’s honest. Wow! What a new concept! An honest politician. I love her.”

The conference, which takes place this Sept. 16-18 at the exotic Miami Doral Resort, also features Rep. Michele Bachmann, Ann Coulter, Alan Keyes, Joseph Farah, Tom Tancredo, Hannah Giles, Adm. and former U.S. Sen. Jeremiah Denton and many more liberty-loving luminaries.

In a July 4th New York radio interview with WND’s Aaron Klein, who will also take part at the Miami event, Jackson said, “I’m close to the conservatives on the radio and TV because those are the only people I’m exposed to.”

“I feel like Rush Limbaugh should be the president,” she noted. “He’s saying what we believe in better than anyone else.”

Jackson also has high praise for Glenn Beck of both TV and radio fame.

“I made a bumper sticker and put it on my car and I drive around in Hollywood with this huge Glenn Beck sign,” she explained. “I don’t get the finger. I get a few thumbs-up once in a while actually when I’m on the outskirts of L.A.”

She thanked Beck for helping educate Americans about the freedoms that helped form the nation in its conception.

“People like me, we took our freedom for granted, because I was raised with it,” Jackson, 50, said. “They even prayed in my public high school … and I took it for granted that I could say what I want and believe in God and all that.”

As WND previously reported, Jackson released a YouTube video that’s gone viral, warning the American public in song, “There’s a communist living in the White House.”

Jackson, who noted she had never been involved in politics before Obama was elected, told Klein, “I don’t really care about little things, but this is a big thing!”

“This is changing us from capitalists and freedom to communists, and I’m still in shock that more people aren’t waking up.”

She said she wanted to find a clever way to spread the message about the communist threat Obama poses, and thought to herself, “Well, maybe if we could cloak it in entertainment or comedy maybe we could reach people who won’t read the Drudge Report or watch Fox News. … If everyone would put in their two cents trying to educate our neighbors, we could show them this is really serious.”

Jackson thinks Christians and political conservatives are being blacklisted in Hollywood, and suggests many people are even afraid to say the word “communist” in a public forum.

When she appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel, she said it was her priority to get that specific word uttered, fearing that “Bill O’Reilly will cut me off after the first sentence.”

“I’m very proud that I was one of the first who was brave enough to tell the truth,” she said. “It’s kind of like ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes.’ It’s like it takes an airhead to say, ‘Look, the emperor’s naked!’ You know what I’m saying?”

Jackson said because the federal government is now controlling so much, “We’re definitely kind of socialist, but I’m hoping that in the election in November, we can flip the House and repeal Obamacare because that is a piece of frightening garbage. It’s horrible!”

She’s also concerned about freedom of speech, especially with Mark Lloyd, Obama’s “diversity czar, whatever that means,” encouraging small groups to boycott radio stations against right-leaning radio programs.

“Obama’s minions are out there trying to stop our freedom of speech,” Jackson warns. “It’s going to push the church underground.”

The Doral Resort

“We can hardly get the truth now. We can get a little bit on Fox News and go on the Internet. They want to stop us from getting the truth and that is so frightening.”

To hear the full interview with Victoria Jackson, click here, with the discussion starting at the 51-minute mark.

Regarding the conference itself, you can still save big on event tickets and the 5-star accommodations at the Sept. 16-18 event taking place at Miami’s storied Doral Golf Resort and Spa.

The deadline to lock in rock-bottom rates has been extended till July 30. But rooms are filling up fast – especially as the star-studded speaker lineup grows more bejeweled each day. Rep. Michele Bachmann is the latest to join. First elected to the House in 2006, the Minnesota congresswoman is a rising celebrity in the Republican Party and fast amassing loyal fans across the country for her staunch stances in support of constitutional governance and curtailing federal invasions against individual freedom.

Michele Bachmann

“Michele Bachmann is one of the leaders in calling for a repeal of Obamacare,” said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND. “She’s a rock star, a principled, liberty-loving woman of conviction. It will be a treat to see her and hear her and interact with her in Miami.”

Best-selling author and sharp-witted commentator Ann Coulter will also speak.

Following the conference is the weeklong cruise, “The Tea Party at Sea,” Sept. 19-26, with Joseph and Elizabeth Farah as the hosts. Also hosting are noted author, commentator and former presidential candidate Alan Keyes; Jerome Corsi, author of numerous New York Times best-sellers including his first foray into fiction, “The Shroud Codex”; and David Kupelian, WND editor and author of the culture-war classic, “The Marketing of Evil”, and its new sequel “How Evil Works.” They’re joined by Aaron Klein, WND senior writer and author of the New York Times best-seller “The Manchurian President,” which chronicles the untold and intentionally concealed history of President Obama.

Adm. Jeremiah Denton also will speak. Denton survived eight years as a POW in the notorious North Vietnamese Hanoi Hilton, where vicious torture never broke his faith in God nor his defiant refusal to capitulate to his captors and condemn his country. Upon release, Denton battled the spread of communism in Central America as a senator and high-profile cabinet member under President Reagan – all chronicled in WND Books’ updated version of Denton’s classic autobiography, “When Hell Was in Session.”

Denton’s appearance prompted Farah to immediately step down from his standing role as honorary admiral.

“It is a great honor for me to step down as honorary admiral under these circumstances,” said Farah. “Adm. Denton is one of my personal heroes as well as one of our greatest living national treasures. I know everyone attending the ‘Tea Party at Sea’ this year will be inspired to hear his recollections, his ideas about taking America back, and have the opportunity to get to know this American living legend. I’ll be happy just to serve as first mate on this voyage.”

Other speakers included at the Taking America Back conference include Tom Tancredo, Rusty Humphries, Gary DeMar, Mark Graham, Matt Barber and Chuck Missler – the scientist and former Fortune 500 CEO turned Bible expositor. Missler is author of more than 60 books and other publications, including his latest, co-authored with his wife, Nancy, “The Kingdom, Power & Glory.”

Chuck Missler

Missler also launched Koinonia House, a ministry that encourages serious Bible study. Based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, it publishes and distributes millions of teaching books and DVDs.

Also speaking is Floyd Brown, the mastermind behind the most impacting campaign ad ever, the “Willie Horton ad,” and author of a new book with Lee Troxler called “Killing Wealth, Freeing Wealth,” which exposes the designs of a ruling international cabal to siphon off the world’s wealth.

Other recent additions include Hannah Giles, heroine of the ACORN sting, and WND’s own video sensations, Molotov Mitchell and D.J. Dolce.

Hannah Giles

Giles came to national attention in September 2009 when she posed as a prostitute in an undercover video-recorded sting operation against ACORN. She was an undergraduate journalism student at Florida International University. A defense fund has been initiated to defend her against legal claims by ACORN resulting from the celebrated sting.

Molotov Mitchell is a filmmaker who has developed a cult following over the last year since developing a weekly video commentary for WND called “For the Record.”

D.J. Dolce

D.J. Dolce quickly followed Mitchell’s example with a weekly commentary produced by him called “News! News!”

“These three young celebrity-activists will bring to the conference a combination of insight, new ideas about tactics and strategies for taking America back and plenty of fun,” says Farah. “There will be nothing ‘politically correct’ about this conference.”

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this will be unlike any other political conference you have ever attended,” promises Farah. “There will be fun, inspiration, strategy, debates and no pulling punches.”

Here’s information about the “Tea Party at Sea.”

And here’s all you need to know about the “Taking America Back” conference.

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