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The real goal: 'Ending Abortion'

A “virtual conference” is planned for Saturday that focuses on the real goal of the pro-life movement: “Ending Abortion.”

The “Ending Abortion” event, which features more than 30 leading pro-life experts grouped into 10 “power panels,” will address challenges and look at possible solutions.

Organized by the people who have run a series of “40 Days for Life” events – prayer- and fasting-based pro-life protests in front of abortion businesses – the event already has seen thousands of people register.


The free online event, which is being recorded and made available to those who cannot attend Saturday, will feature famous abortion survivor Gianna Jessen arguing “The Case for Life.”

Explaining “The Abortion Crisis,” a session that will focus on the more than 51 million children killed by abortion since Roe v. Wade and the millions of women who have been wounded, will be Carol Everett, a former abortion business owner; and David Kupelian, WND’s managing editor and the author of both “How Evil Works” and “The Marketing of Evil.”

Joining them on the panel will be former abortionist Tony Levatino.

David Kupelian

Explaining the racist roots and deadly agenda of the billion-dollar-plus empire assembled by Planned Parenthood, the U.S. abortion industry’s largest player, will be Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics; former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson; Lila Rose of Live Action – an undercover investigator of Planned Parenthood; and Stop Planned Parenthood International chief Jim Sedlak.

Eduardo Verastegui

The solution is covered, too, with a session called “The Power of Prayer.”

Lou Engle of “The Call,” John Ensor of Heartbeat International and Rev. Tom Euteneuer of Human Life International will be on stage.

The “Pregnancy Help Centers: Compassion in Action,” will be covered by Melinda Delahoyde of Care Net, Tom Glessner of the National Institute of Family & Life Advocates and Peggy Hartshorn of Heartbeat International.

Other panels:

Abby Johnson

The programs run from 10 a.m. Eastern time until the last session, which starts at 7 p.m. Eastern. Information and registration options are available online.

The goals are to educate pro-lifers on how to make a life-saving impact where they live, expand those outreaches and raise the issue to a level of prominence during the coming elections.

Abby Johnson, who used to work at the Bryan, Texas, Planned Parenthood clinic, has a particularly riveting testimony.

Alveda King

The business performed surgical abortions every other Saturday, but it began expanding access to abortion to increase earnings. She said she was summoned to help for one procedure, and her experience watching an abortion left her mind racing and her heart beating fast.

“For whatever reason I was called in to help. My job was to hold the ultrasound probe on the abdomen,” she said. “When I looked at the screen, I saw a baby on the screen. [The mother] was about 13 weeks pregnant at the time. I saw a full side profile. I saw face to feet on the ultrasound.

“I saw the probe going into the woman’s uterus. At that moment I saw the baby moving, trying to get away from the probe,” she continued.

“I thought, ‘It’s fighting for its life.’ I thought, ‘It’s life. It’s alive.’

“I dropped the ultrasound probe. I scrambled and put [the probe] back in place. So many things were going through my mind. I was thinking about my daughter, who’s three,” she said.

“I was just thinking, ‘What am I doing here? What am I doing here? There was life in here and now there’s not.'”

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