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Setting your U.S. choice in stone

The strength and success of American capitalism and entrepreneurship often is defined as that which is limited only by American imagination, innovation and ingenuity. Any eager American company or individual has the opportunity to create anything they dare to dream of in the land of opportunity that is the United States of America.

What’s even better is the ability to take this concept a step further by allowing the patriotic American consumer the ability to extend what already is a limitless set of possibilities. LTS Laser is an American company equipped to take your own innovative ideas and turn them into beautifully crafted creations for the home in the form of marble and granite-topped furniture, or full-color laser-engraved tiles, artwork and murals.

Veteran-owned LTS Laser is located in the heartland of America where they take pride in made-in-USA quality and produce laser-engraved products for corporate logos, births, graduations, sporting achievements, proms, motorcycles, military, hot rods and more.

Their American-made steel furniture comes with marble or granite tops and can be engraved with any image you desire with any color using high-quality powder coating. These beautiful, reasonably priced furniture creations are available in the form of a 16″ x 40″ coffee table, a 21″ x 51″ coffee table or a 28″ x 28″ end table.

You also can choose full-color printed ceramic tiles in various sizes to really spice up your bathroom and kitchen while making it one-of-a-kind at the same time. Or how about a full-color printed mural in your bathroom or kitchen using any number of color printed tiles to make a unique creation that is sure to impress others while adding elegance and individuality to your home? You just have to see these incredible samples that can serve as the engine of your own imagination at LTS Laser.

You can also accessorize your home as well with round/oval or square/rectangular artwork photos that can be anything from portraits of family members or loved ones, tributes, to even significant events like sports awards.

Whatever you choose to have engraved in either marble or granite, you will no doubt have a lifetime of memories that will never fade.

Although LTS Laser products are USA-made with USA products, the marble and granite slabs are imported and then processed, cut and polished by USA companies for the laser-engraving market. All of the steel and even the tools they package for assembly are all U.S.-made. And everything is processed, laser-engraved, welded, powder-coated, packaged and shipped right here in the heartland of America.

Unfortunately, what little marble and granite that is available in America is too porous and too soft to be laser-engraved because it cracks and pops off chips during the laser-engraving process. The absolute black marble and granite that is located and available from Mongolia is the only marble and granite that will work for the highest quality that LTS Laser is trying to achieve.

Obviously it is not desirable for our trade balance to import anything from Mongolia or any other country, but sometimes exceptions make sense when there is no other alternative. Fortunately, America is not in the same situation with trade as we are with nations hostile to our own prosperity like China. In 2009, the United States ran a $25 million trade surplus with Mongolia. And this year, we again have a trade surplus with Mongolia and we are on track to end with a similar overall trade surplus with that country.

Also, as explained by Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of the treasury for economic policy during the Reagan administration, part of America’s trade problem is that we tend to trade with other nations in a fashion where our exports are not value-added goods. Too often, as with China and other nations, we excel in exporting things like scrap metal, wheat, soybeans, rice, cotton, corn, hides and skins, and waste paper.

What is happening with LTS Laser is quite the opposite. Here, we are importing raw materials like those above (marble and granite) and using American ingenuity and innovation to create high-value-added goods for either export or even domestic consumption. What LTS Laser is doing is consistent with how wealth is created in a nation or society.

Friedrich List, a German economist who also lived in America for several years and wrote “The National System of Political Economy” in 1841 before he died in 1846, once said, “The power of producing wealth is infinitely more important than the wealth itself.” I would add that through ownership of American companies, American production and American manufacturing, we as a nation retain the power to create that wealth.

Even in this case with the necessary use of some portion of goods that aren’t domestically available to create higher-value-added goods, we create wealth here in the United States. That’s what LTS Laser is doing, and they deserve a serious look if you’re looking to accessorize your home in truly unique ways with memories that will literally last a lifetime.