Assistant White House Chef Sam Kass prepares winter citrus salad for tonight's Governors' Dinner at a preview in the White House kitchen in Washington on February 22, 2009. (UPI Photo/Kevin Dietsch) Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

You’ve seen the reports about Van Jones, President Obama’s onetime “green jobs czar,” and Cass Sunstein, his equally volatile “regulatory czar,” and Fox News show host Glenn Beck has put together a list of dozens of such appointees.

Now here’s the newest White House promotion: “Health food czar” Sam Kass.

“In a comical move even for a czar-happy president who has rewarded dozens of cronies with distinguished titles, the White House has named the Obamas’ personal Chicago cook as ‘Senior Policy Adviser for Healthy Food Initiatives,'” reports the Washington government watchdog Judicial Watch.

“It’s no joke, even though it sounds like a bad one. The Chicago chef’s rapid ascension … has been kept under the radar for the last month,” Judicial Watch said.

“Sam Kass went from being a 20-something, Windy City gourmet cook – privately paid by the Obamas to feed them – to big-time White House adviser in a matter of months,” the report said.

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But it makes sense, the report said, since Michelle Obama has claimed that childhood obesity is a threat to “national security.”

According to an earlier report, Michelle Obama confirmed – in talking about her White House campaign against obesity – that the condition “impacts national security” because it is a “disqualifier for military service.”

Judicial Watch said the situation is so dire, President Obama has been convinced to spend $400 million a year on “healthy foods” in low-income neighborhoods as well as revise – at a cost of $10 billion – a federal plan to provide food to poor children in school.

Such an assembly of programs “no doubt requires a trusted senior policy adviser – like Kass – who is an expert in healthy cuisine,” Judicial Watch said.

“Makes you wonder what Kass … has been putting in the Obamas’ food all these years,” the report said.

WND previously has reported on the health-care rationing czar, Don Berwick, and Internet czar Susan P. Crawford.

Also, homosexual activist Kevin Jennings was named Obama’s “safe schools” czar.

WND was the news agency that broke the first major story on Obama’s “green” jobs czar Jones.

Also, WND exposed Sunstein, Obama’s “regulatory czar,” as an advocate of a “Fairness Doctrine” for the Internet.

Science czar John Holdren also was exposed and the subject was highlighted in WND’s Top 10 stories of 2009.

The Obama appointees also were featured in a Whistleblower magazine edition called “SHADOW GOVERNMENT.”

The magazine issue introduced people “like Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioner nominee Chai Feldblum, who endorses polygamy, and AIDS czar Jeffrey S. Crowley – both openly homosexual.”

“Then there’s Patrick Gaspard, officially the ‘director of the office of political affairs,’ but whom critics call ‘ACORN’s man in the White House.’ And defense policy adviser Rosa Brooks, a George-Soros-trained ideologue and antimilitary radical who urged the prosecution of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for ‘war crimes,'” the report said. “And FCC diversity czar Mark Lloyd, who believes the so-called ‘Fairness Doctrine’ – unanimously repealed by the FCC in 1987 – was never repealed, wants to destroy conservative talk radio, and described Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez’s rise to power in Venezuela as ‘an incredible revolution.'”

According to Beck’s compilation, the list of czars includes:

  • Richard Holbrooke, Afghanistan czar
  • Jeffrey Crowley, AIDS czar
  • Ed Montgomery, auto recovery czar
  • Alan Bersin, border czar
  • David J. Hayes, California water czar
  • Ron Bloom, car czar
  • Dennis Ross, central region czar
  • Todd Stern, climate czar
  • Lynn Rosenthal, domestic violence czar
  • Gil Kerlikowske, drug czar
  • Paul Volcker, economic czar
  • Carol Browner, energy and environment czar
  • Joshua DuBois, faith-based czar
  • Jeffrey Zients, government performance czar
  • Cameron Davis, Great Lakes czar
  • Van Jones, green jobs czar
  • Daniel Fried, Guantanamo closure czar
  • Nancy-Ann DeParle, health czar
  • Vivek Kundra, information czar
  • Dennis Blair, intelligence czar
  • George Mitchell, Mideast peace czar
  • Kenneth R. Feinberg, pay czar
  • Cass Sunstein, regulatory czar
  • John Holdren, science czar
  • Earl Devaney, stimulus accountability czar
  • J. Scott Gration, Sudan czar
  • Herb Allison, TARP czar
  • Aneesh Chopra, technology czar
  • John Brennan, terrorism czar
  • Adolfa Carrion Jr., urban affairs czar
  • Ashton Carter, weapons czar
  • Gary Samore, WMD policy czar

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