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Florida asked, 'Where's the birth certificate?'

Northern Florida billboard

WASHINGTON – A billboard campaign reminding citizens all over America that the president of the United States has not proven his eligibility for office has come to northern Florida.

The latest billboard erected is in Lake City, known as “the gateway to Florida,” a city of 13,000 about 45 miles from Gainesville. The “Where’s the birth certificate?” outdoor sign is located on Interstate 75 one mile north of Interstate 10.

The national campaign began in May 2009 and has been credited with taking what was regarded as a “fringe” movement based on rumor and speculation to one that now, according to most polls, represents mainstream, popular American opinion – namely that Barack Obama has not proven he is constitutionally eligible for office and that he is purposefully hiding something.

Launched by Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, the billboard campaign is in part supported by financial contributions from the public.

“Anyone and everyone who wants to see Obama forced to prove his eligibility by releasing the documents and the evidence can help sustain this billboard campaign as well as participate in other ways,” says Farah.

WND has produced a line of products and opportunities to express themselves on this issue – including yard signs, T-shirts, DVDs and bumper stickers.

Lake City, Fla., billboard

For the immediate future, the billboard campaign is targeting the Dallas, Texas, area – giving residents a chance to help fund the efforts in advance.

“We’ve been asking WND readers to help us defray the costs of this effort for more than a year,” said Farah. “It occurred to me we could give residents of specific areas of the country a chance to fund billboards in their own community. Dallas has always been a very strong market for WND, so I am optimistic that we will get some support for billboards to go up there later this summer.”

The campaign that raises a question fundamental to the constitutional eligibility of President Barack Obama started in May 2009 and touched off a furor in media and political circles.

“I have to admit, this campaign has accomplished more than I imagined it might,” said Farah. “There’s no stopping this campaign now unless Obama resigns, is impeached or is defeated for re-election in 2012.”

Billboard near Hamburg, Pa.

One of the highlights of the campaign came just three weeks ago when an electronic billboard was erected in Florida hours before Obama’s motorcade passed by it on his way to inspect damage at the Gulf Coast.

The campaign has been boosted by local TV coverage – intended or unintended – in markets all over the country. One Las Vegas anchor team seemed shocked when the billboard at the Mandalay Bay Resort flashed on screen immediately following a clip of Obama speaking. Other news shows have used the billboards to debate the controversy openly and honestly – something, Farah says, that has not happened on any major national television networks despite polls showing half the country is suspicious about what Obama might be hiding.

“There’s no denying it,” says Farah. “No matter how hard my colleagues try to make the public forget about this issue, no matter how hard they attempt to ridicule anyone who wants to see the proof, no matter how much they demean even decorated military officers who take their own oaths seriously, this issue will not go away. It’s going to be around in 2012. It may even be the defining issue in 2012.”

Billboard near Navarre, Fla.

Farah says he could not have pulled off the campaign without the support of WND’s visitors. The cost of the billboards has been offset by donations – and Farah says he wants to step up the campaign because it’s winning.

The latest CBS–New York Times poll showed only 58 percent of Americans even think Obama was born in the USA.

“I’m quite sure based on our own polls that if those people were asked whether they would like to see Obama release his birth certificate, more than half the country would say ‘yes’ – and all the other personal papers he has refused to disclose,” Farah said.

Farah says the billboards have had a lot to do with changing popular opinion – even if the media don’t get it.

“People simply shouldn’t have to conjecture about where they think their president was born,” he says. “It ought to be a matter of public record – and it clearly is not.”

Aside from the billboard campaign, WND has devoted more investigative reporting to the issue of eligibility than “all other media outlets combined,” says Farah.

In addition, the billboard campaign was rejected by three major billboard companies, all owned by major media outlets – CBS, Clear Channel and Lamar.

“What I need Americans to understand is that this billboard campaign is working,” said Farah. “There is no shortage of billboards available to us. The only thing there’s a shortage of is the money to erect them. We need to raise tens of thousands of dollars a month just to keep them in place.”

“The impact of the billboards is magnified by local television and talk-radio shows in every market they enter,” explains Farah. “It’s not just the billboard. It’s the earned media that comes along with it. It’s astounding. We have turned millions of people around on this issue with the billboards. It’s just that simple.”

In addition to the billboard campaign, Farah has:

“There are all kinds of things we need to do right now to get our country back on track, but I can think of nothing more important than for us to see that our Constitution is observed, followed, adhered to and honored, especially when it comes to such simple, straightforward matters as the eligibility of the president of the United States,” says Farah. “Please help me bring this matter to a head right now.”

See birth-certificate signs around the country.

Have you contributed to the “Where’s the birth certificate?” billboard campaign yet? If you haven’t contributed this month, please do so now.

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