(Editor’s note: This commentary contains explicit sexual language. The language is lifted directly from a public-school sexual-education curriculum targeted at students as young as kindergarten.)

Are you one of those parents who dreads the thought of teaching your children about the birds and the bees? Well have no fear, your local public school is here!

In fact, this fall public schools in Helena, Mont., plan to equip fifth graders with enough sexual “knowledge” to be able to teach their parents a few things they probably didn’t know about sexual intercourse. According to the Health Enhancement K-12 Critical Competencies Draft, fifth graders should be taught to “understand that sexual intercourse includes but is not limited to vaginal, oral or anal penetration.” And in grade 6 they plan to discuss various objects that can be used during intercourse.

On the Family Research Council blog Senior Fellow Peter Sprigg shares additional excerpts from the Montana public-school document listing what is planned for students in each grade level:

  • Kindergarten girls and boys will learn about each other’s private reproductive body parts in detail.
  • First graders will be taught to “understand that human beings can love people of the same gender and people of another gender.”
  • In seventh grade children will discuss that “people have the right to make personal decisions concerning sexuality and reproductive-health matters, such as abortion, sterilization and contraception.”
  • Grades 9-12 will study “erotic images in art” that “reflect society’s views about sexuality and help people understand sexuality.”

Considering the elitist attitude school systems have toward parents, could anyone be naïve enough to think that some public-school nurses aren’t recommending abortions to pregnant girls without their parent’s knowledge? Even Obama science czar John Holdren’s dream of sterilization to eliminate unwanted populations is being subtly encouraged in this plan.

The obvious message behind this curriculum is that parental influence is irrelevant. The state reigns supreme, and your child can make up his own mind with the help of school personnel.

Not to be outdone by Montana, schools in Provincetown, Mass., plan to distribute condoms upon request to kindergartners next year, even if their parents object. In short, through easy access the public-school system is encouraging 6-year-olds to get familiar with condoms and the mechanics of sexual intercourse.

Perhaps it’s time for some real sex education. For instance, pediatrician Dr. Meg Meeker warns in her book “Epidemic: How Teen Sex is Killing Our Kids” about the serious and painful physical injuries that can be caused by anal sex. Why are these public schools teaching such harmful practices to our children?

Could the homosexual agenda that exerts strong influence in public schools across the country be undergirding efforts to teach anal sex to children? Why are so many public-school personnel interested in breaking down the restraints of younger and younger children by exposing them to more and more raw sexual images and concepts?

In the book “Conversations with a Pedophile,” author Amy Hammel-Zabin sheds light on how child abusers operate. The pedophile first gains the trust of the parents by convincing them he has their child’s best interest at heart. Gradually he introduces the child to inappropriate sexual materials in an effort to reduce the child’s inhibitions. He exposes the child to facets of the “adult world” and appeals to the child’s natural longing to feel grown-up. The pedophile convinces the child that their relationship is very special. Eventually, physical sexual abuse occurs without the parents being aware.

Considering numerous studies showing a high number of molestations by teachers occurring in public schools across America, it is clear that many adults obsessed with sexual encounters with children are taking positions of influence in the nation’s schools. Through the naïveté and apathy of parents, they use stealth and cunning to implement programs violating the innocence of children, all under the guise of so-called “safe sex” and “acceptance.”

They eagerly welcome your children into their world of exploitation, and when sexual boundaries are crossed the education system provides little accountability, if any.

Forces within the National Education Association and teachers’ unions work together to protect employees with prurient interests in children, as exemplified by the aptly named “rubber room” where teachers in the New York City school system accused of misconduct, including sexual offenses, are paid high salaries to sit and do nothing all year.

And where are the tea-party parents when it comes to public schools? Does it make sense for people favoring smaller government to continue to support a monstrous tax-sucking education system by warehousing their own kids there?

Actually “we the people” can fire those who so recklessly tamper with the innocence of our children. But it won’t happen until parents rid themselves of the insane idea that strangers ought to teach their kids about sex. It won’t happen until more parents begin to care enough about their own offspring to take full responsibility for teaching them. It won’t happen until those same parents begin pulling their kids out of public schools and disabling the system that is abusing our tax dollars to the tune of billions of dollars per year.

Pedophiles fool the parents of their victims. The endgame is control.

And in the public schools, parents are being played for fools.

Olivia St. John is a freelance writer with almost 20 years of experience as a home educator. Her work has been featured in several online publications, and she is seeking a publisher for her book promoting home education.

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