You know me as the antiestablishment lawyer who founded Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch and the author of the recent book “Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment.” And, when I ran for the U.S. Senate in 2004 in the Florida Republican primary, my idea, if successfully elected, was to take Judicial Watch inside the venerable chamber – like the Trojan Horse – and use my 100-plus mega-staff to hold the Senate Club legally accountable to the American people. In short, I am not a politician, and I generally do not hang around them.

Pamela Gorman

But, thanks to the grace of God, a dynamic woman introduced herself to me at a recent event of conservatives in the entertainment industry. I was immediately struck by her warm smile and the sparkle in her eyes, as she told me who she was. Her way reminded me of a feminine, younger version of President Ronald Reagan; direct, street-smart, sincere, passionate and strong. Her name is Pamela Gorman, and she was the Republican whip in the Arizona Senate – that is until she recently resigned in protest over Republican Gov. Jan Brewer’s planned huge tax increase. Pamela has principles and lots of them. She is not only proud to be a Christian, she is pro-life (the survivor of abortion herself), pro-gun, pro-Israel and pro-national-security. Pamela is a co-sponsor of Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070, which is designed to stop the threatening and costly influx of illegal aliens into the state. I need say no more, particularly since WorldNetDaily ran a story about her just a few days ago.

So what I want to discuss about Pamela is her character. During the time I have gotten to know her I have come to realize quickly just how dedicated she is to this country. Pamela is fearless; she does not care what the establishment thinks and what its reaction is or may be to her actions. If I sound a little egocentric so be it: Sen. Gorman reminds me of myself.

The nation today, as I have written in past columns, is on the verge of revolution. The economy remains in a depression, and the world internationally is going to hell. We have a president – to use the term loosely – who, while not stupid, is a socialist ideologue – a Bolshevik in his own off-the-cuff jesting words – and incompetent to boot. And, from my own perspective as a trial lawyer, I can’t say too often how our legal system has become so inherently corrupt – and our judges so compromised – that there is little to no justice for anyone who does not have establishment clout or the money to line the pockets of the jurists who sit as if they were gods on the bench. Yes, there is bribery in the courts – a dirty little secret law-enforcement agencies don’t want to investigate, as they depend on judges for convictions.

I can tell you from experience there is no one in either chamber of the Congress today who will stick his or her neck out for our country. I have seen this recently in many of my cases. And you can see it in the state of the nation. In the law, we have an expression in Latin, “res ipsa loquitur,” or the fact speaks for itself. The nation is on its knees and our politicians play games as Rome burns. Case closed!

But Pamela does not play “patty-cakes.” Nor will she bend over to the establishment of her own party. She is in this for keeps and is deadly serious. This is exactly what the country needs.

There are 10 candidates in her congressional race in the Third District of Arizona. One is the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle. Junior shoots a mean golf game like his dad, but he is “handicapped.” He is the cynical product of the establishment – who think they are superior to the rest of us and own our “government” – and the same bunch who, along with the Bushes, ruined the Republican Party and nearly ruined the country in the process. They brought us the ultraleftist and mega-corrupt likes of Barack Obama and Czarina Hillary Clinton as secretary of state.

If the Republican Party is to rejuvenate itself since the Reagan era – which seems a long time ago – it needs a Pamela Gorman, and many of them. So, I call on you to support her, and support her fast. Voting in Arizona starts in less than a week, and she needs your strong financial support to take on Quayle Junior, whose daddy has raised him nearly a million dollars. Please go to her website at and quickly donate as much as you can within the limits of the law, so Pamela will have the means to use the media to introduce herself to the voters like she did to me. The future of our country and your family depends on having people like Pamela in positions of power. Otherwise, the American people will have no choice – as was true of our Founding Fathers when their grievances were also ignored by the sovereign – but to wage what could be a catastrophic revolution.

Put Pamela in the House of Representatives and watch what happens. There is only one Pamela Gorman, and we have only one nation, under God!

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