Dare I make a prediction?

Well, of course I’ll dare – to predict that on Thursday morning, Nov. 4, after final results are in and the House of Representatives goes back to a Republican majority:

Look for further Big News.

Hillary Clinton announces her resignation as secretary of state.

And – within one week – national news is dominated with reports of the opening of HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT campaign headquarters in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Texas and California – to begin with.

How Bill Clinton’s inner circle wielded vast power to discredit and destroy his former objects of desire: “Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine”

This campaign will not only emphasize that it is now about time (long since!) that the White House stop being dominated only by presidents from the nation’s minority gender. She will also enlist her (now well-behaved) spouse to explain in detail how much of his untouched-by-major-recession presidency was effectively advised by the first lady.

Consider the polls which show that Mrs. Clinton’s popularity is considerably better than Mr. Obama’s.

Consider Mrs. Clinton’s virtual silence during the furious debate over Obamacare as well as close Hillary ally James Carville, and how he absolutely blasted the Obamaites for mishandling the unprecedentedly massive BP Gulf-of-Mexico-befouling gigantic oil spill.

Carville also released a poll result reporting that 55 percent of the U.S. believes Obama to be a socialist.

Anyone believing that Hillary will not run against the president who appointed her to the top post in his Cabinet has forgotten how many states in their primaries voted for her and against Obama – including a number that are electoral-vote heavies.

All this should lead to a Democratic National Convention that is as fascinating as that one when renominated President Jimmy Carter pursued Sen. Ted Kennedy all over the stage in a disastrously unsuccessful attempt to appear together with Teddy.

That is, unless President Obama decides that one term is enough for him.

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