This week was marked with a stark reminder why the American people have had it with our system of justice and why the country is on the verge of revolution.

First, there was the outrageous decision by Judge Susan Bolton of the federal court in Phoenix that enjoined the state of Arizona from putting into effect the most important provisions of recently enacted Senate Bill 1070 – the anti-illegal-immigrant law that simply requires that police and other law-enforcement officers question anyone who is legitimately stopped for “probable cause” about whether he or she is in the state legally. The decision, which came down Wednesday, is particularly shocking because, just a week earlier, during a court hearing I attended on behalf of my client, the Arizona Latino Republican Association, which supports S.B. 1070 and intervened in the case, Judge Bolton had led all in the courtroom to believe that this provision of the law was perfectly proper, as it does not do anything more than law-enforcement officers have the right to do when questioning persons stopped for “probable cause” that a crime has been or is being committed.

What, then, got Judge Bolton to do a 180-degree flip-flop? I believe it is likely to have been the result of a number of related factors. First, Judge Bolton is an appointee of President Bill Clinton and his Democratic Party, and, given the realities of how judges are promoted, the jurist could have kissed off (bad use of terms when Clinton is involved) any future appointment by President Obama or any other Democrat to the 9th Circuit or elsewhere if she had ruled against the administration’s attempts to block S.B. 1070. But there is another nagging and nasty question: Did President Obama and his comrades offer the judge something, as they have, Chicago politics style, with many others, like Rep. Joe Sestak? Did this happen between the date of the hearing and the decision? I intend to try to find out; Freedom Watch will soon file Freedom of Information Act requests with the court system to attempt to obtain Judge Bolton’s phone records, as well as investigate in other ways.

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It is regrettable, but rank corruption does exist on the bench. And, in the political world of Phoenix, which is in the upper echelon of corrupt American cities, anything frequently goes!

Judge Bolton’s lawless decision, which thumbs its nose at the legitimate law-enforcement rights of the citizens of Arizona – where illegal immigration is bankrupting the state and putting its citizens at risk – will certainly be appealed by me and others, all the way to the Supreme Court. But in the interim, during a press conference this week, I called upon the state and local law-enforcement authorities to sidestep the judge’s ruling and implement the major provisions of S.B. 1070 on their own, as a matter of policy or executive order from the mayors of each municipality. You see, Judge Bolton’s decision only goes to S.B. 1070, and her falsified ruling that it is in large part unconstitutional goes only to the statute, not accepted police-questioning procedures. And, if the Obama Justice Department has a problem with law enforcement carrying out the provisions of S.B. 1070 through this extra-statutory means, then it will have to file another case to try to enjoin this. So, let’s put Obama and his comrades to the test. Let’s make them work, and, with the grace of God, perhaps we can have the case heard by another, less corruptible jurist who will enforce the law. And, if the new jurist, in the new case, ultimately holds the Arizona law-enforcement authorities in contempt, then so be it. Appealing a contempt order is a much more rapid and direct means to obtain a higher-court appellate ruling overturning the lower court’s decision.

Then, there is the case of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, the former Harvard Law dean and President Obama’s solicitor general who, while working in the Clinton White House (why does it always comes back to Bill?), falsified a medical report of the most prominent association of gynecologists to say that partial-birth abortion is the preferred procedure in many instances. In fact, the original report of the association said just the opposite. It turns out that this falsified report of Ms. Kagan was later relied upon by the same Supreme Court she aspires to be seated on to overturn the state ban on partial-birth abortion, an inhuman and cruel procedure that sucks the brain out of a baby.

So, this week I filed, on behalf of Alan Keyes’ Declaration Alliance and Freedom Watch, a complaint before the Supreme Court to have Ms. Kagan’s license to practice law there revoked; that is, have her disbarred. And, for good measure, I also asked that the Supreme Court refer the matter to the Criminal Division of the Justice Department for an investigation of obstruction of justice. Will the Supreme Court do this? Maybe not – as I have written before, judges protect their own and Ms. Kagan will likely soon be voted upon and confirmed as the ninth justice. Both the Dems and also the Repubs – that is, partners in the establishment that has nearly destroyed our nation – do not want to rock the boat in the chummy Washington, D.C., club of “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.” But how can someone who should not be permitted to appear before the Supreme Court for having defrauded it then be able to take a seat as a justice of the Supreme Court? And if, as predicted, Ms. Kagan is confirmed, I will then work, with all of you who want to join me, in seeking to have her impeached.

This was a very revealing week indeed. While the American people do not need to be reminded, it was a stark “reminder” of just how corrupt our political and legal systems have become since the days of our Founding Fathers. And, these events should serve as a wake-up call to legal arms to wage a second American revolution, to try to head off what may otherwise result in a violent one in the foreseeable future. The three branches of government, and particularly the judiciary, have lawlessly broken away from “We the People,” and we need to “overthrow” them peacefully before it is too late!

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