“How much sex should be allowed on TV? The rules have really changed since I was a kid. That old show ‘I Love Lucy’ wasn’t even allowed to say the word pregnant. They weren’t even allowed to show a double bed. These days, however, I can’t even turn on my TV without seeing sex.” John Stossel on his recent Fox Business Channel, “Sex and the Rules!”

Even though Stossel’s balanced program largely reflected its host’s libertarian leanings, he hit on a key symptom in the massive shift in American morality, says the author of a new book on the “culture war’s first father of filth.”

That shift, says author Judith Reisman, isn’t a gentle slide; it’s a plunge into an abyss of perversion that ends in death, disease, divorce and emptiness. One man more than any other provided the push – Alfred Kinsey. And his work was underwritten by one of the nation’s most respected families and deceptively cloaked in a veil of all-American normalcy.

“Ever found yourself utterly repulsed by the latest immoral outrage – few of which are even cleverly disguised these days – and wondered, ‘How on earth did America succumb to such degradation?'” asks Joseph Farah, founder and publisher of WND Books. “Judith answers that question with more alarming – and empowering – insight than anyone has yet.”

Reisman’s latest work, “Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America,” documents the sordid nature of Kinsey’s “research” and reveals in ways previously unexamined just how he disguised his destructive intentions behind a façade of sexual liberation.

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There’s no better time than now to arm yourself the proper knowledge “to reclaim this decisive battlefield for America’s soul that no one wants to talk about,” said Farah.

“So much emphasis and energy are directed to the fight to return America to lawful, constitutional government – and rightly so,” said Farah, whose latest book, “The Tea Party Manifesto,” covers such subjects. “But without understanding exactly how we traded our moral birthright for the bitter porridge of perversion, we won’t realize how truly intense this fight is. And we’ll fail to see that it’s America’s future – our most innocent and most vulnerable – who are directly targeted by the forces Judith is determined to expose.”

As a former Justice Department official whose research on the detriments of pornography led 7-Eleven to stop stocking Penthouse and Playboy, Reisman has devoted her life to educating the public about the “corporate forces aligned against traditional families and healthy relationships.”

Big Pharma and Big Porn – emboldened by the academic cover Kinsey’s work provided – conspire in a cycle of saturating society in images of perversion, creating debased addictions that soon render men impotent, then marketing to them anti-impotency prescriptions. Mass media delivers both the disease and “the cure,” as was always the intent, reports “Sexual Sabotage.”

“The Rockefeller Foundation, for example, ‘believed mass media … constituted a uniquely powerful force in modern society,’ and America’s elite – including the Rockefellers – ‘determined that they would use the media to impose their will on the masses,'” she writes. “So, according to the ‘International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences,’ in 1938, Kinsey obtained his first benefactors, the National Research Council and the Medical Division of The Rockefeller Foundation.”

Even in 1941, with resources directed toward the war effort, The Rockefeller Foundation funded ‘Kinsey’s sex research in Bloomington,’ she reports in “Sexual Sabotage.”

“The Kinsey Corruption” documents how:

  • Kinsey presented as “normal” data he collected from incarcerated sex offenders, criminals and prostitutes.

  • Much of today’s most popular notions about sex are based on Kinsey’s flawed conclusions, such as that children are sexual from birth, that 10 percent of the population is homosexual and that sexual promiscuity is normal.
  • Kinsey engaged in criminal experimentation on children and used “data” he collected from some of the world’s most notorious pedophiles to arrive at his conclusions.
  • The American Law Institute incorporated Kinsey’s research into the Model Penal Code of 1955, resulting in greatly diminished penalties for sex crimes.

In “Sexual Sabotage,” Reisman describes how Kinsey performed such acts. First, he assembled a team, choosing to work on his projects those not “prone to moral evaluations” and “none were hired unless they, their wives and their children gave Kinsey their erotic histories,” she writes.

Though surrounded by “homosexual lovers and pornography stars, sex procurers, panderers and predators, each with his own deviance,” Kinsey “required (them) to look like sober, sensible professionals in suits and ties, with short hair,” writes Reisman.

This ruse, she says, contributes to squelching outrage at the “findings” concealed in his watershed work.

As “Sexual Sabotage” reports: “‘Sexual Behavior in the Human Male’ reports data ‘on 214 male children’ … Kinsey asserted, ‘Of the 214 cases … all but 14 were subsequently observed in orgasm.’ Observed?! Who ‘subsequently observed’ (defined as ‘occurring or coming later or after’) these infants and boys being – yes – sexually tortured, timed and recorded? Who, of Kinsey’s team, did this under his direction? The youngest boy tested to ‘climax’ is ‘2 mon.’ old.”

This, Reisman says, is the Kinsey legacy propelling the culture’s downward spiral. Even as Stossel noted today’s depictions of sex on television, look for them to further devolve, Reisman warned, especially after the recent ruling by the U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals that the Federal Communication Commission’s polices on broadcast indecency are “unconstitutionally vague.” Human relationships and happiness, she added, will follow.

“Federal court judges who don’t know what is decent or indecent fit the impotent pornography-addict profile,” she said. “Like those Security and Exchange Commission and Pentagon officials who have sunk to the level of child pornography, our men are so increasingly emasculated and reliant on male pornographers, that even the little blue pills no longer work. Some will catch on that they’ve been cheated out of everything worth living for.”

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