Rush Limbaugh said something on his show the other day that sparked an issue I have been thinking about for some time. The question he asked a caller was, “Why are illegals quiet?” The answer was that the very fact they are illegal is what keeps them quiet.

I have determined that we do not have an immigration problem in the United States, we have an illegal-immigration problem. To solve that we all must come to the reality that America welcomes all immigrants willing to come here legally. The process may be long and tedious, but is not becoming a citizen of the greatest nation in the world worth the wait? Millions of immigrants have come here and have become citizens legally over the history of our country.

We have a government that refuses to face some simple facts. I could have our illegal-immigration problem with Mexico solved in a year and a half. It would take men and women with intestinal fortitude to follow me, but it could be done.

The federal government fighting against Arizona and wanting some type of amnesty, clothed in the costume of immigration reform, is totally contradictory at its core. On the one hand, we enjoy cheap labor and at the same time we want them to become legal citizens. The day any type of amnesty occurs is the day we say goodbye to cheap labor. Rush’s premise must be correct. Illegal status is the thing that keeps illegals quiet about being paid little and keeps them quiet about unfair treatment in the workforce. If they become legal, will they continue to be satisfied with low pay and bad treatment? I guess it is OK for us to keep our feet on the necks of illegal Mexicans because they work the jobs no one else wants. I guess we have a new group of poverty pimps from the Hispanic community keeping the illegal Mexicans down and the new victims of unfair treatment in America.

If we give amnesty of any type to the illegal immigrants, we had better start looking for a new minority group who will fill those undesirable jobs. How can the Hispanic leadership continue to be satisfied with illegals from Mexico being paid so little? How can they be so complacent? They attack anyone opposed to these folks entering the country illegally as racist, as profilers, as haters. Who are the real racist haters and profilers here? We must look at the real group holding back the successful legalization of illegals. I surmise that it is Hispanic leaders themselves.

Let’s not think that the Hispanic leaders are the only ones keeping illegals in this situation. The politics of winning the Hispanic vote falls on Republicans and Democrats alike. The politics of keeping cheap labor makes even states and cities turn a blind eye. What about all the employers that help keep illegals from Mexico illegal? Without jobs they would not come here, and if they did they would not stay long. I know that many employers ask for papers and they get false documents, but let’s be honest here. Cheap labor is pretty nice for saving the business money, and that makes turning a blind eye very tempting. America, we must examine ourselves and our own prejudice when we think it is OK to continue to pay people less and try to justify wrong behavior by saying they take jobs no one else wants.

I live east of Seattle near a little town called North Bend. We have five vehicles and drivers in our home, so we have spent a lot of time at the Department of Licensing in North Bend. There has never been one time we have gone to North Bend to the Department of Licensing that there are not illegal immigrants from Mexico waiting in line to get driver’s licenses. Do you think the workers at the department don’t know that those individuals are illegal? I don’t know where the pressure is coming from for the workers to turn a blind eye, but I know for a fact they are frustrated. I was there one day and one of the department employees just lost it when one person brought in 17 different people with the same address, and she refused to register any more. She said something like, “I think this address should be looked at by the sheriff’s department.” They were out of there so fast it would have been comical if it had not been a tragedy. What do you think those illegals with those licenses do when it comes to voting?

What about the NAACP and its stand for equality? Where is their voice in helping illegals from Mexico? I have an issue with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People anyway! Calling black people colored is an insult. On this issue, I think Rush is right again when he says this organization only advances liberal colored people. To call blacks “people of color” is drastically different than calling them “colored.” Don’t you think they should grow with the times and at least change the name to something appropriate?

I salute you, Arizona, and I salute you, Gov. Brewer, and I salute Sheriff Arpaio, and I salute the citizens of Arizona who refuse to let the federal government off for not doing its job to protect our borders. I pray that many other states will stand up and not be discouraged by the action of an activist judge who looked at the law through the lens of her own distorted, liberal views.

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