Since the Civil War, only two members of the U.S. House of Representatives have been expelled.

Rep. Michael (“Ozzie”) Myers of Pennsylvania was expelled – and was convicted in 1980 of taking money from an undercover FBI agent who impersonated an Arab sheik.

In July of 2002, in an even more colorful (if morally reprehensible) event, Ohio’s Rep. Jim Traficant was expelled after the House agreed that he, too, had broken House rules.

That House vote was stimulated by the fact that a federal court had already found Traficant guilty of filing false tax returns, accepting bribes and forcing his congressional staff to work at his Ohio farm and on his D.C. houseboat. He, too, was sent to prison.

Consider the very notable fact that these only two who were expelled from the House were both Democrats.

Now, yet another member of this still-majority House party facing possible expulsion from the House is also a member of that political party.

And, instead of resigning in the wake of so many serious charges of congressional misbehavior, Harlem Rep. Charles Rangel has, rather astoundingly, insisted on a trial in September.

This will be a trial televised nationwide.

Any Democratic House member who thinks that event will not heavily hurt his or her chance of being re-elected is absolutely wallowing in self-deception.

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