Recent polling data only hints at how far the political class has drifted from the moorings of mainstream America.

The biggest difference between the political class and America is that the political class has become permanent, professional liars, who – rather than serving the taxpayers – see the taxpayers as serving them – for life (and with death taxes, beyond). While the media used to merely excuse this, as in, “everybody lies about political promises,” now the guardians of the first amendment have become active participants in the lies.

The lies never stop. Whether they are small – like storing naked, full-body scans of air travelers and courthouse visitors – or among the biggest lies in history – like the global-warming carbon-tax fraud (destroyed with the release of software code and doctored data), everything they say is a lie!

Everything they do is to further consolidate their power over our lives, liberty and prosperity. They lie about their agenda, every step of the way toward their socialist politburo at the end of the yellow brick road. They actively subvert the Constitution by installing activist judges like Elena Kagan, going to great lengths to conceal their nominees’ backgrounds. In defense of Kagan, here’s what a prominent Democratic senator had to say:

“Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., defended the nominee, saying she had ‘reflected an understanding of the judicial role and a traditional view of deference to Congress and judicial precedent.'”

Deference to what, Senator? Congress and judicial precedent. Congress and judicial precedent are the enemies of the Constitution; the building blocks of the “living document, it means what we say it means, when we say it” crowd – of which Mr. Leahy is clearly a paid-up member (no doubt using our money).

Well, perhaps it is not fair to say their agenda governs everything they do. The other reason they act is to feather their own nests. It works this way. Banks, Wall Street and labor unions own the politicians. Skeptical? Not a single bank ever had to become “too big to fail.” Not one. But they did.

How did they get that way? Federal regulators, who are controlled by the politicians and the laws they pass, approved merger after merger – allowing the creation of behemoth banks that, when crisis struck, the same politicians assured us just had to be bailed out. For our own good. Don’t you know.

Banks didn’t have to be allowed to trade risky securities, but the politicians liked the rake-off that came with the new rules. So they gave the banks what they wanted. And, when the banks failed at that risky game, the politicians took what the banks needed from our pockets. And the money flowed straight into the pockets of the politicians’ pals in Wall Street and the big banks. Why, how could we deprive the poor babies of their multiple-million-dollar bonuses for all those “successful” trades?

And who was on the other end of so many of those “successful” trades? Well, chances are, you were – through a pension fund or mutual fund. So suck up the loss, and hand over the money to make the politicians and bankers whole again. And when the election comes this fall, make sure you vote like Attorney General Eric Holder’s Black Panther thugs tell you to, got that?

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