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Rush Limbaugh beat out Howard Stern as the No. 1 top radio talk-show host “of all time,” as chosen by the broadcasting industry magazine Talkers.

The list was compiled to celebrate the magazine’s 20th anniversary and featured conservative talk-radio favorites Sean Hannity in fourth place, Neal Boortz at No. 15 and Michael Savage at No. 19.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush demonstrated why he took the Talkers’ top spot this week with his on-air condemnation of the decision to approve the “Ground Zero” mosque (FREE audio).

Good news for social-media fans: Limbaugh will finally be joining Facebook – but not Twitter, because “there’s no way to make money on Twitter.”

On Thursday, Limbaugh delivered a powerful monologue that listeners asked him to make available free to everyone, not just premium subscribers. Rush agreed. His timeless message? “Life is not fair” (FREE audio).

Surprising news: Sitting in for Rush this coming Monday, Aug. 9, will be none other than … George W. Bush’s former senior adviser, Karl Rove.

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity’s been getting a lot of attention this week for his heated on-air battle with Anthony Weiner (FREE audio), trying to get the truth about the Sept. 11 first-responders bill.

Hannity’s other guests included Brigitte Gabriel, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Governor Ed Rendell (audio is subscriber only).

Mark Levin

When a pro-gay-marriage California judge overturned Proposition 8, Levin brought all his legal training to bear in his response (FREE audio).

Among many highlights this week: Levin shocked fans by coming to the defense of talk-radio rival Glenn Beck (after the latter was attacked in The Washington Post) and slamming the conservative media, like Rich Lowry at the National Review, for supporting the GOP status quo over true conservative ideals (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

“God is warning us,” Michael Savage told listeners, calling the judge who struck down Proposition 8 “a filthy rat in a black robe” (FREE audio).

On his website, Savage wrote:

“Proposition 8 was passed by the voters of California in 2008. Even though the state voted for Obama, an overwhelming majority of Californians said that marriage was just between a man and a woman. Seven million California voters said that. And now, one bitter little Caesar has voted to throw all those votes out the window. So the question is this: Is Judge Vaughn Walker seven million times more important than you are?”

Laura Ingraham

“Is Obama anti-nun?” That was Ingraham’s provocative question after a Catholic nun was killed by a drunk-driving, illegal Mexican alien.

Award-winning actor Robert Duval joined Laura Ingraham to talk about his new film, “Get Low,” and look back on his career in movies. She also declared Congressman Pete Stark “stark raving mad” after his latest outburst at his constituents (FREE audio).

Ingraham continues to tour the country to promote her new book, “The Obama Diaries,” but The New York Times is being criticized for categorizing the satirical spoof as “nonfiction.”

Glenn Beck

“Ten years from now, this country will not look anything like it is now,” Glenn Beck told Jason Mattera in an interview for Human Events. “We’ll just be a tighter, libertarian kind of community or country, or we will be Third World” (FREE video).

In The Wall Street Journal, Thomas Frank slammed Beck as a “historical fundamentalist” for his role in reviving interest in America’s Founding Fathers. Beck responded on radio with a ten-minute rant, daring anyone who doubts his knowledge of history to debate him in person (FREE video).

In The Washington Post, Dana Milbank blamed two recent incidents of violence on Beck’s influence, but John Sexton believes Milbank owes Beck an apology.

And finally, on the left side of the dial …

“[S]ome of libtalk’s rhetoric is decidedly more extreme than anything ever (falsely or correctly) attributed to Rush Limbaugh,” says Radio Equalizer Brian Maloney.

As we’ve told you for weeks now, progressive talk radio’s love affair with President Obama is fading fast. This week alone, Maloney tracked down clips of Al Sharpton guest Dr. Boyce Watkins, who said, referring to urban violence:

“There is a state of emergency in Chicago, and I would love to see the Obama administration take some progressive action to help alleviate that situation the same way they would deal with this if kids were dying say on Harvard Yard or in Martha’s Vineyard, or one of these other places that the rich hang out that President Obama does care about because, let’s be clear, President Obama is a cool brother, but he is a little bit elitist.”

Incredibly, progressive talk radio veteran Lynn Samuels declared, “I think Obama hates black people,” again citing Obama’s “elitism.”

A few tweaks to those quotes, and you could easily convince Media Matters that they’d been uttered by a “right-wing nut job.”

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