Who would have ever believed it! The president of the United States, a nation founded and built upon Judeo-Christian principles by our Founding Fathers, cancels the White House observance of the National Day of Prayer, which is primarily celebrated by Christians and Jews, and instead later holds a dinner in the White House to fete the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. To add insult to injury, the president then endorses, during this event, the construction of a mosque – to be bought and paid for by nefarious interests likely tied to radical Arab states and terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah – at Ground Zero. It was bad enough when Bill and Hillary Clinton sold overnights in the Lincoln Bedroom for $100,000 a pop, but now the White House has been “converted” – no pun intended – into the Ramadan Inn!

But this latest act by Barack Hussein Obama should not take anyone by surprise. In his short, but all too long, one and a half years in office as president, he has trashed Israel and its prime minister, Benjamin Natanyahu, treating them like dogs. Who can forget Obama’s having rudely left a meeting in the White House with Netanyahu, so he could have dinner alone with his lovely wife, Michelle? And that is not to mention the severe damage he has done to the Jewish state through his pandering to Palestinian and other Muslim interests – such as the recent grant of hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars to Hamas, which controls Gaza. Or who can forget Obama’s speech to Muslims at Cairo University, when he proudly declared himself half Muslim, despite having sold his election in part on his Christian heritage? And, one has to wonder why the brave freedom movement in Iran – which is not Muslim at heart and the populace not of Arabic but rather of Persian descent – has, like Israel, been shown the back of Obama’s hand, if not other more vulgar body parts.

To have feted Muslims and combined this with endorsing a mosque at Ground Zero – which is obviously intended to be a monument for those “brave” jihadists who killed 3,000-plus Americans and terrorized the rest of the country and the world on Sept. 11, 2001– finally reveals, without any doubt, who President Obama really is. He is not Christian at heart, no matter what dissembling and propaganda he and his socialist comrades spew forth, but Muslim. In effect, according to him, we are now a Muslim nation, and the people’s White House the Ramadan Inn. Jews and Christians apparently are not really welcome there.

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This all points out the heightened dilemma we are now in as a nation. With a system of government that does not allow for a rapid transfer of power when justified, we are now stuck with someone who is by deed and word a terrorist sympathizer in the Ramadan Inn for at least the next two and one half years. Christians and Jews, not Muslims, are feeling a greater and greater sense of alienation, if not anger– and they are the overwhelming majority of our population. The economy appears to be taking a dive into an even greater abyss, and the American people are still suffering. Overseas, the Iranian mullahs – true believers in their Muslim faith – are on the verge of constructing nuclear bombs, and the rest of the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

And, what makes matters even worse, the opposition party – the Republicans – continue to just play games, only maneuvering for the fall elections. Even a turnover of the House of Representatives, or the Senate, will not be able to remove Obama and prevent more harm to our country and its values and heritage.

That’s why however radical it may sound, we need a constitutional amendment, at a minimum, to create a legal mechanism other than impeachment that can peacefully and quickly remove a renegade president who has and is abusing his great powers at the expense of the nation and the world. This mechanism should not be based simply on the president having committed high crimes or misdemeanors, but based on him or her having desecrated the principles of our nation. Having played a role at Judicial Watch in the impeachment of Bill Clinton (who was never convicted), I am all too painfully aware of this having turned into a dog and pony show for Republicans to conduct a public-relations campaign designed only to wound the Democratic Party and Al Gore in time for the 2000 elections. It actually caused harm to the nation, since as Republicans played games on Capitol Hill, Osama bin Laden had other things in mind.

Perhaps the answer to a crisis of leadership such as this is to put into the Constitution a “recall” provision, such as exists with governors in many states, California being one example. Or we could go to a modified parliamentary system with votes of “no confidence.”

But one thing is clear: The country cannot easily survive a presidency like we are currently experiencing, and the people should have the ability to pull the plug and legally close the Ramadan Inn before all is lost.

This may sound extreme, but in the words of our Founding Fathers, these are the times that try mens’ souls. The country is in ruins, and we stand at the verge of revolution. The tea parties, and I have attended several, are just the first manifestation and, however well intentioned, do not go far enough. Regardless of who is responsible for our current terrible state of affairs, to leave a Muslim-sympathizing, radical socialist like Obama in office as the country disintegrates is criminal.

It’s time for the American people to rise up legally and peacefully and put an end to this presidency and future presidencies that go on a warpath of hatred and disdain for the American people and the Judeo-Christian values upon which the country was designed. It will not be easy, but it must be done quickly, so help us God!

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