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Suppose, in view of the mayor of New York City’s supporting the proposed erection of a giant mosque near the site of 9/11, there were a multimillionaire nephew of the late Lt. Col. Jochen Peiper.

And just suppose he announced that he was prepared to pay for a memorial bell tower to his uncle – right next door to that proposed mosque.

And suppose even further that this nephew told the press:

“By striking contrast to those Muslims who killed nearly 3,000 American civilians on 9/11, my uncle’s S.S. troops killed only 84 American-soldier prisoners of war in what was called the Malmedy Massacre.”?

If this very idea of an SS memorial bell tower right next to a giant mosque so close to the site of 9/11 seems far-fetched, consider the memorable statement of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg:

“What is great about America, and particularly New York, is we welcome everybody.”

How, if “everybody” includes Muslims whose fellow religionists murder thousands of people at that site, can “everybody” exclude a memorial to an S.S. colonel who led the murder of a comparatively mere 84 U.S. POWs?

Would Mayor Bloomberg support and would the Muslim backers of this giant mosque agree to posting on the front of this mosque a permanent advisory bronze tablet reading:


I strongly doubt that any thinking person in the world would believe that the Muslims hoping to erect this mosque would ever agree to such a sign of promise.

Therefore, considering that the sitting government of New York has agreed to allow the construction of this mosque without any such repudiation of the Muslim fanatics responsible for 9/11, I’m in great hopes that plans for construction will be eternally inhibited by both labor unions and construction-equipment companies and contractors.

The Anti-Defamation League’s national director, Abraham Foxman, declared that the location of this mosque “is offensive to families of victims of 9/11.”

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