I am grateful. Yes, I am grateful, and I’ll tell you why. I am grateful because each day, more Americans are realizing that this progressivism thing they bought into, based on the left’s rhetoric of altruism, brotherhood and stewardship, is nothing but communism on the installment plan. The political schema that appealed to us on an intellectually superficial basis is simply progression toward a collectivist state, governed unilaterally by an unproductive, parasitic political class.

In fact, an increasing number of our citizens are awakening to the idea that, given its diametric opposition to our long-held fundamental ideals and values, perhaps there isn’t room for progressivist thought in the political arena at all.

Which is extremely gratifying from my point of view – as is hearing on a regular basis from people most conservatives wouldn’t think I’d be hearing from: Democrats, gays, independent 20-somethings who may not be attuned to the dynamic behind what’s going on in Washington, but they know that they do not like it, not one bit. It isn’t the America in which they wish to live.

This underscores the fact that the recent popular discontent has never been about President Obama. Many have been growing increasingly disgusted with the direction in which America has been “progressing” since the end of Ronald Reagan’s presidency. That said, Obama has indeed flung us closer to that dreaded collectivist destination, and faster than any other president.

Erik Rush’s brand new book is bold, daring and needed: “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession”

Over the last 20 months, nearly everything upon which Congress and the Obama administration have acted has grown worse, and both have consistently come down on what most Americans deem to be the wrong side of just about every contentious issue. Our economic situation is deteriorating more rapidly than in January of 2009; our debt and deficit are increasing; and our standing with the international financial community is comical in its tragedy. The long-standing issue of abysmal security on our border with Mexico has become an exponentially graver concern; radical Islamists have become bolder; and for some reason, racial tensions have amped up.

The state of Arizona passed a law intended to curtail the latitude enjoyed by criminal illegal aliens from Mexico. Washington condemned the law, filing a lawsuit against that state and ignoring the desperately perilous condition to which life in border states had deteriorated. All the while, the majority of Americans have remained standing with Arizona.

Feisal Abdul Rauf, a shady New York imam, approached officials in New York City and proposed the construction of a mega-mosque within a stone’s throw of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the Twin Towers. When invertebrate intellectual elites in New York’s government bestowed their blessing upon the project, New Yorkers became outraged, given the proximity to Ground Zero and the sensitivities involved. Rauf and local Muslim leaders condescendingly minimized the basis of their indignation. Then, all of America became outraged. The political left trotted out their mind-numbingly convoluted interpretations of the First Amendment and stood with Rauf – and so did Barack Hussein Obama.

And what happened? On the very weekend New Yorkers held their largest protest against the Ground Zero mosque, and the Associated Press was sanitizing its coverage of radical Islam, Imam Rauf, sold to Americans as “moderate,” was revealed as indeed being a radical Muslim. Two days later, Islamic Somali militants stormed a hotel in Mogadishu, killing dozens. All of which renders the left’s inveterate bleating about Islam being “the religion of peace” extremely difficult for Americans to buy into.

As with Arizona’s contested immigration law, the political left and the Obama administration executed the same, tired and tedious play against those who oppose the building of the mosque: baseless accusations of racism.

While Americans are seeing through it, somehow I don’t think this is the “transparency” Mr. Obama intended to convey during the 2008 campaign.

It is true that Americans who’ve made it their business to keep themselves informed are, on a daily basis, presented with actions on the part of this Congress and this administration that might be reason for discouragement. I would assert, however, that these are simply the death throes of one who has hands tightly about their throat; the realization that they are about to die has just reached the deepest part of their brain, and they are thrashing and flailing with desperate, primal abandon.

This struggle is to be expected, and it should be expected to grow worse, and far more intense.

Americans must remember that the far left, though a minority, has always been an extremely vociferous one. They have consistently made themselves appear as though they comprise at least 50 percent of the voting public. This is exacerbated by the fact that the establishment press treats them to more coverage than their opposition.

Consequently, we must remind ourselves that circumstances (as they relate to the likelihood of our success) will always be made to appear than they are more dismal than they actually might be at any given time. Remember – the fact that liberal pundits and elected officials have admitted that they will likely suffer losses in November is a huge thing, particularly for a government whose propaganda machine has come to resemble that of the former Soviet Union.

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