Ever since Joseph Farah launched WND’s national “Where’s the birth certificate?” campaign, supporters of President Soetoro have come up with a panoply of increasingly bizarre justifications for his continued concealment of his birth records, school records, publication records and pretty much everything else that might provide the American people with more information about who this Obama character is.

Or Soetoro. Or Soebarkah. Or something.

Setting aside the obvious lunacy of accusing someone who believes that Bill Ayers was Soebarkah’s ghostwriter of being a birther or thinks that Soetoro was the beneficiary of some extraordinary affirmative action in getting into both Columbia and Harvard Law despite being an exchange student who didn’t score well enough on his PSAT to qualify for National Merit– the correct terms would be “authorer” and “colleger,” respectively, there remain a remarkable number of questions about the man who has managed to destroy the Democratic Party’s electoral chances faster than George W. Bush eviscerated the Republicans.

Starting, of course, with his name. Jonathan Ross once said of the second Mrs. Paul McCartney that she was such a liar he would not be surprised to discover she had two legs. In like manner, I wouldn’t be astonished to be informed that Barry Barack Soetoro Obama Hussein Soebarkah’s real name was Henry Smith. Or, for that matter, Hasan al-Mansoor.

There is the question of his intelligence. That he is inarticulate does not mean he is not highly intelligent; many very smart people find it difficult to communicate with those whose IQs are 75 points lower than their own. However, one of the few things we do know about Soetoro is that he attended an elite school in Hawaii where all of the students take the PSAT. In fact, Punahou is famous for the number of National Merit Award winners it produces. In 2010, it boasted 25 National Merit semifinalists out of the 425 students in its senior class, a rate nearly six times higher than the national average.

Since we know Obama was not recognized by National Merit, we can be assured that he possesses a sub-Mensa standard IQ. For this and other reasons, I have estimated that Soebarkah’s IQ is in the 115-120 range.

As for his religion, there is no doubt that Soetoro was a Muslim and that years later it was necessary for George Stephanopoulos to remind Obama that he was now claiming to possess a Christian faith, not a Muslim one. While this inability to keep his current religion straight tends to suggest more of an inner indifference to theological matters than a secret and fanatic dedication to one, I will only say that it is not for Christians to judge the verisimilitude of another’s dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ. Even if Soebarkah is not a Christian, false claims of adherence are the tribute deceit pays to the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Then there is the matter of the birth certificate and the multiple Hawaiian birth hospitals. As Abelard the Castrate wrote, it is so or it is not so. The fact is that I do not know, you do not know, and Soetoro himself may not truly know where he was born, or to whom. What we do know, however, is that the commonly heard explanation that Obama is keeping his birth records secret to undermine or otherwise make fools of his opponents is almost certainly untrue. While this justification might have held water back when Soebarkah’s presidential approval index was at +28, it is manifestly absurd now that the ratings have plunged to -14.

If preemptively withholding information to marginalize future birthers had ever been a real strategy, it would have been abandoned a long time ago for the obvious reason that it isn’t working. With a growing number of Republicans and independents doubting Soetoro’s legitimacy even as the number of Republicans and independents continues to grow, it is clear that Obama can no longer consider the issue to be a laughing matter.

But the most important lie about the Soebarkah administration is one that is told on its behalf rather than by the members of the administration itself. And that is the claim that the reason for the imminent failure of the economic recovery is the insufficient size of the $787 billion economic stimulus plan.

The truth is that there never was any recovery. The stimulus only allowed the statistical masking of the ongoing economic contraction, and a larger stimulus would have further exacerbated what will eventually be known as the return of the Great Depression. And it is this truth that will render all of Soetoro/Obama/Soebarkah’s systematic dishonesty moot, because the dire state of the economy combined with his obsequious subservience to Wall Street at the expense of Main Street will make him a one-term president.

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