I think I missed the announcement. When did it become open season on American citizens, making them the target of hateful, defamatory insult?

Well, not all Americans, just those of a certain political persuasion – conservative or a certain religious belief, any Christian denomination, or of a certain skin color: White, with of course, a red neck.

When such accusations are tossed around without compunction and without any effort to quell them, you’re getting into dangerous, divisive territory indeed.

The reality today is that if you’re a liberal – or Democrat or progressive or socialist or, dare I say it, communist – then you can call the opposition any name you choose, no matter how vile and without regard to truth.

Just do it. You’ll get a pass from fellow travelers and a pass from the media, which reports the transgressions but never calls the person on the impropriety of such name-calling.

The latest outrageous example is the Rev. Walter Fauntroy. He was the non-voting delegate from the District of Columbia from 1971 to 1991.

I don’t know about you but I really haven’t been waiting to hear pearls of wisdom from his lips. In fact, he’s been out of the media spotlight for so long, I didn’t even realize that he was still around and still being a busy body.

But he was, and is. And last week, he jumped right into the media spotlight with both feet, gaining him notoriety he hasn’t enjoyed for quite a while.

Fauntroy came out of the woodwork after so-called black leaders suddenly realized that talk host Glenn Beck was planning a “Restoring Honor” rally at the Lincoln Memorial, honoring the troops and the country on Aug. 28. It was the same day that Martin Luther King gave his famous “I’ve Got A Dream” speech from the same location.

Rather than joining the spirit of unity that Beck was aiming for, so called black leaders got on their high horse and claimed that Beck was trying to steal the limelight from Dr. King.

It didn’t matter that Dr. King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, was one of the rally speakers. Of course, the reason she doesn’t count is because she’s politically conservative; it doesn’t matter her heritage or her skin color. To the race baiters, she’s as racist as all those white guys.

Fauntroy, speaking at the National Press Club, referred to war, racism and poverty, spoke of the Ku Klux Klan and the tea party, and said “[Y]ou have to use them (refer to them) interchangeably.”

I guess we know who he considers racist.

Eleanor Holmes Norton, who was a non-voting Democrat representing D.C. in Congress, accused Beck of having “what looks to be an all white march.”

Oops, there’s that race card again.

No doubt Fauntroy is enjoying his renewed moment in the sun and no doubt progressive, Democrat liberals are purring over Fauntroy’s comments about today’s political activism. They may be, but I for one, have had enough. I am royally tired of being insulted, demeaned, defamed, diminished and categorized as a bigoted racist just because someone doesn’t agree with my political opinions.

Such tactics in politics have always been part of the game. Usually it’s between parties and candidates and among their followers against the opposition. But the mood is different today. In fact, it changed radically with the election of the man who promised us “hope and change.”

Barack Obama was the candidate, and Americans were told that if elected, he would be the first, post-racial president. Obama is racially mixed – black father and white mother – and is touted as the “first black president.” Because of that, we are supposed to be beyond all those racial divisions that have existed through the years. His presidency, we were told, would put us so far beyond the goals of the civil rights movement that it would be a new America.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked that way. Race has become the new divide. Well, not “new” exactly, but dredged up from the debris of the past and given new life in the realpolitik of today.

The bottom line is that whatever issue of disagreement there is between left and right on policy or politics, the race card is played, first, foremost and fast. And in this deadly political game, the dealer of the race card is from the Democratic left, utilizing tactics of division, which foment hate and discord.

Simplistically, if you disagree, you’re a racist. What happened to the post racial president? That was Obama’s campaign mantra and yet, through all this adversarial mud slinging, the man who is president has said not a word. He’s clearly not a peacemaker. He allows the seeds of discontent and discord to spread and germinate which will lead to exactly what I believe he has in mind – a situation requiring the federal government to step in and take control, and with that, eliminate more of our freedoms.

What Fauntroy and other self-ordained black leaders are doing is yelling “fire” in the world politic. They aim to denigrate people of other beliefs, not by fighting the on the battleground of ideas but on the bloody, corrupting battleground of race divisions.

That’s what we’ve come to, but the ultimate danger is that it goes far beyond a black/white division. Those who object to pandering to Islam and Muslims on the basis of the clear threat of militant Islam are called racist. Those against illegal immigration are called racist.

Those hurling the word think that ends the argument. It doesn’t. The dangers of militant Islam remain, as do the dangers of dividing Americans along racial lines again.

What happened because of a rally to honor our troops and our country verges on subversion

It must stop. Our future depends on it, no matter what names you call me.

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