From pillows to hammers, apparel to printer cartridges, you can find whatever American-made product you want now in the just-released database, the American-made Retail E-guide.

The American-made Retail E-guide pdf database features 53 pages of more than 2,300 products from more than a dozen American retail stores like Home Depot, TJ Maxx, and Dollar Tree stores (yes, you’ll be amazed at what is available for one dollar from Dollar Tree!)

The American-made Retail E-guide is a compilation of research by volunteer patriotic consumers who dedicated their own personal time to scour the store shelves at various retail chains for American-made products.

After all (if you’re a patriotic consumer), who hasn’t walked into a retail store at some point and wondered what (if anything) is made in USA?

Ever wondered where you easily can find an American-made bed frame? Or what store carries American-made printer cartridges? How about American-made bed pillows? Maybe a heated blanket or a mattress topper?

Looking for bigger ticket American-made items? The American-made Retail E-guide shows you where you can find an American-made front loader washer by a prominent American company. Did you know you still can find American-made microwave ovens in certain stores? Ditto for American-made refrigerators (I recently bought a new one for my house).

Interested in American-made tools? The American-made Retail E-guide shows where you can find American-made hammers, levels, screwdriver sets, pipe wrenches, and more.

How about hundreds of apparel choices for men, women, children, infants and related accessories? When is the last time you saw an American-made bath towel in a retail store? What about dinnerware, china, or drinkware? It’s all listed within the American-made Retail E-guide.

You’ll see that I’ve listed prices, too. Since some products are available at multiple stores, identifying which store carries the same American-made product for less will help Americans save money while padding the pockets of fellow American workers at the same time. After all, consumer shopping comes down to the question “whose pockets are we lining?” Why not line our own?

One retail chain in particular, Wal-Mart, is omitted from the list since I always have discouraged consumers from shopping there. If the various economic crises, bailouts, bankruptcies, and bubbles have taught us anything as a nation, it’s that we shouldn’t put all of our economic eggs in one basket. Let’s be a little more diverse with our consumer dollars.

This American-made Retail E-guide is a supplemental resource designed to complement the print edition or e-book edition of “How Americans Can Buy American.” It does not replace it.

This is just the initial version of the American-made Retail E-guide, and it is my hope with more future help from more patriotic consumers, we can build upon this guide and expand it in the future. The advantages to the e-guide are many.

  1. It can be updated fast to keep it fresh

  2. It can never get too big
  3. It’s downloadable electronically
  4. No shipping charges – no trees to cut down – no wasted paper
  5. Anyone can contribute to creating it

To download the 53-page American-made Retail E-guide, which features over 2,300 American-made products available on the shelves at American retail stores, please go to the linked file and let’s make a powerful, positive impact when we find ourselves in a store searching for American-made stuff!

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