The five world leaders were photographed walking together at the White House.

This Associated Press photograph covered a four-paragraph space at the top of Page 1 of Thursday’s New York Times. It showed President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, President Obama, President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority and Jordan’s King Abdullah II.

This might have appeared to be an unprecedented Middle East peace development, except for the fact that the Times, only two days earlier, reported the following:

“In the Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza, hundreds of Hamas supporters took to the streets after the evening prayer to celebrate the news of the attack – urged on by the calls of an imam over the loudspeaker.”

What were these hundreds of Hamas supporters celebrating?

They were overjoyed by the murders of four Israeli civilians – one of them an expectant mother – who were machine-gunned to death in a car near Hebron, in the West Bank.

The military wing of Hamas claimed responsibility for this attack and described it as – in their words, on their website – a “heroic operation.”

Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu, who was at the time en route to Washington for peace talks with the Palestinian Authority at the White House, condemned Hamas for what he called “the atrocious murder” – which Israeli officials said seemed calculated by Hamas to upset the negotiations that Hamas virulently opposes.

“Terror will not determine the borders of Israel or the future of settlements,” declared Netanyahu, who ordered Israel’s security forces to “pursue the attackers without any diplomatic restraint.”

The Palestinian Authority also condemned the attacks.

So did a White House statement: “This brutal attack underscores how far the enemies of peace will go to try to block progress. It is critical that the parties persevere, keep moving forward even through difficult times and continue working to achieve a just and lasting peace.”

Let me ask, what effect does the Obama White House believe that this statement will possibly have on Hamas, Hezbollah and the rest of those neo-Nazi, Jew-hating, Muslim extremists?

President Abbas’ Palestine Authority has remained without any apparent authority at all over the Palestinian organization called Hamas – which continues to rule Gaza.

Now on the very eve of the Obama peace-in-the-Middle-East summit at the White House, Hamas, quite proudly and to the expressed joy of these Palestinian barbarians, murders four Israeli civilians.

Why on earth is President Obama wasting the time of Netanyahu, Mubarak and Abdullah by meeting with the head of the so-called Palestinian Authority?

The PA, in deadly apparency, has no authority at all over such murderous Muslims as Hamas.

From Israel, WorldNetDaily Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein reported among other things:

  • The Hamas mass murder took place “on a road where the Israeli government removed staffed anti-terror checkpoints in line with a request of the Obama administration.”
  • A spokesman for Hamas “stated today’s shooting was ‘a link in a chain-series of attacks – some have been executed, others will follow.”
  • “George Mitchell, the White House envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, specifically requested that Israel remove roadblocks and checkpoints in a confidence-building gesture to restart talks with the PA.”
  • “Paramedic Guy Ronen described the shooting scene to the Jerusalem Post: ‘When we arrived on the scene, all four doors of the care were opened and four bodies were strewn on the ground. We saw that the vital organs had been struck by a very large number of bullets, that there was no chance of saving their lives.”

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