President Barack Hussein Obama has done great harm to the American Muslim community. Let me tell you how and why.

In the year-and-a-half since Obama was elected and sworn in as the president of the United States, he has unmasked his disdain for Israel, abandoned the Iranian freedom movement – which is fueled by Muslims who have detached from Islam and are generally secular – canceled the White House celebration of the National Day of Prayer in favor of feasting Ramadan and then, to add insult to injury, endorsed the building of a mosque at Ground Zero. Put it all together, along with Obama’s past and ongoing associations with radical and anti-Semitic black Muslim leaders like so called Rev. Louis Farrakhan and Liberation Theology America hater Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and it is clear that the president favors and sides with radical Muslims and their sympathizers over Jews and Christians.

Despite Obama’s early claims that he is a Christian, the American people are not stupid. Simply calling oneself a Christian, does not make one a Christian. Obama’s heart tilts toward radical Islam and the terrorist states which it foments.

Couple this with his far-left socialist views and agenda, and Obama is well on his way, following 16 years of bankrupt rule by Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, to totally destroying the political, social and economic fabric of the nation. Never before in our country’s history have we seen a president with such condescension toward, if not hatred of, traditional American values and norms. He and his felonious Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have even gone so far as to file a complaint against the state of Arizona (and thus their own country) at, of all places, the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations, over its anti-illegal immigration law, S.B. 1070. This commission has been traditionally chaired and run by terrorist Muslim states that despise the United States and its western Judeo-Christian values. This act is treasonous.

As a result, and in the context of a deep economic recession, which – thanks in large part to Obama’s socialistic policies – is getting worse, not better, “We the People” are on the verge of complete revolt. The populace feels helpless, particularly since the so-called opposition party is lead by over-stuffed blowhards, like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader John Boehner – politicians who have accomplished little to nothing for the American people during their careers and who are the self-professed saviors of the Republican Party.

So is it any wonder that we now see symptoms of rebellion afoot?

In the nine years since Sept. 11, 2001, we have not as a country experienced appreciable violence toward the American Muslim community for example, despite its relative indifference and ambivalence, at best, to this attack on the United States that cost nearly 3,000 lives. But now, with Obama at the helm and Republican leaders impotent or compromised, we are witnessing not only a greater number of assaults on mosques, but the planned burning of the Quran by a Christian minister in Florida – a provocative act which is intended to incite and was not very Christian, to say the least. Even under President George W. Bush, whose arrogant, unconstitutional abuse of warrantless wiretaps and imprisonment of Arab-American citizens without right of counsel (which was shot down by even a conservative Supreme Court), we did not see this senseless striking out. One can only conclude that Obama’s Muslim favoritism is the root cause. The people are taking matters into their own hands!

This reaction is only the beginning. Obama has nearly lost all credibility with ordinary Americans, and he is doing a great disservice to even those groups he favors, such as Muslims. If this continues, the country will be torn apart at its seams

We are indeed witnessing an era in the nation’s history that is dangerous, not just for law-abiding, decent Muslims, but for us all. Let us pray to God, whatever religion is at issue, that this can be reversed before it is too late.

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