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Jihad ban on killing elderly, children 'doesn't apply to Israel'

Muslim publications have been busy during Islam’s month of Ramadan calling for increased jihad against “infidels,” describing it as an “eternal” and “most important” commandment and explaining that a ban on killing the elderly, women and children “doesn’t apply to Israeli society.”

The report was compiled by D. Hazan, a research fellow at the Middle East Media Research Institute, which monitors and analyzes Middle East media outlets.

The emphasis on jihad during the religion’s Ramadan time comes because “the month of Ramadan is the month of attacks, conquest, and victories, with an emphasis on the fact that man of the early Muslims’ victories over their enemies, such as at the battles of Badr, Hittin, and ‘Ain Jalut, came during Ramadan.”

“Jihad is defined as the one of the most important commandments of Islam, and its intersection with Ramadan, which is ‘the best month in Allah’s eyes,’ is ‘a tremendous high point that none can attain but he to whom Allah has chosen to grant this tremendous honor of fasting and war,'” the report said.

Among the monitored statements was one from Saudi sheikh ‘Abd Al-Rahman bin Nasser Al-Barrak, a former university lecturer, who posted on his website that jihad against the infidels is eternal and most important commandment of Shariah.

“Quoting from the Quran and the Hadith, he stressed that jihad is still a source of honor for Muslims, and that its absence is a source of their humiliation. Al-Barrak added that if the enemy is amenable to reconciliation, and this serves the interest of Islam and of the Muslims, they may reconcile with him, but only temporarily, not permanently – as the Prophet Muhammad did with the Jews concerning Al-Madina,” the report said.

Al-Barrak also lamented the fact that the United Nations frowns on slavery, since according to the laws of jihad, when Muslims are victorious over infidels in war, “they may take booty and captives – including the wives and children of the infidel fighters – and may enslave them.”

On its website, The Muslim Brotherhood published the work of the late Gaber Qumayha, who concluded that slogans such as “Death for the Sake of Allah Is the Height of Our Desire,” are “not just empty slogans but are actual ‘contractual and moral obligations,'” the report said.

The Arab news website moheet.com had a program on Iqraa Television in which Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi, head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, wrote that while carrying out jihad, Muhammad did ban killing elderly, women and children, but found “this ban does not apply to Israeli society,” the report said.

He said that is “different from other societies, because it is a society that occupies and attacks … [and] recognizes nothing but the oppression of the rights of others.”

The report also said the jihadist forum Al-Falluja published a letter stating, “The month of Ramadan is the month of victories for Islam and the Muslims. The Muslims fought most of the battles of Islam during Ramadan, and reaped great victories in them… We call on you to take advantage of [Ramadan] to return to Allah and to draw closer to Him by means of good deeds and support for your mujahideen brothers by all possible means – with [your] soul and [your] valuables.”

A related article, the report said, summoned Muslims to fight.

“Show us something that will gladden us and provoke the ire of the infidels – something that will please our mothers and our sisters and our brothers who have lost what is most precious to them [i.e. their loved ones]… The month [of Ramadan] has arrived. Allah will make your deeds successful, will strengthen your hearts, will give you victory, and will reward you for your jihad,” it said.

Further, an Al-Falluja forum member, ‘Mu’awiya Al-Qahtani,’ called on all the forum’s writers and readers to continue the media jihad during Ramadan, and not to pay attention to preachers calling for dedicating the month strictly to worshipping God and to reading the Quran, the report said.

“He wrote: ‘Some preachers call for worshipping God during this blessed month, and for drawing closer to Allah… This is wonderful, and we [too] call for this, and more. But many preachers are likely to ignore [an additional way of] great and honorable worship of God… and that is jihad, and attack, for the sake of Allah… including repelling attackers of our jihad websites, calling for monotheism, and jihad for [the sake of monotheism] via the Internet… The Prophet attacked Mecca with 10,000 companions during Ramadan, and did not say to them, ‘[Let us] postpone the attack until after Ramadan, and dedicate ourselves to worshipping God,'” the report revealed.