There’s no doubt that everything we’ve been trying to do… is designed to stimulate growth and jobs in the entire economy.

– President Barack Obama, Sept. 10, 2010.

In the words of South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson (ironically enough, from Sept. 10, 2009): You lie!

Last week, President Obama announced his plan to spend yet another $50 billion on infrastructure projects to stimulate the flagging U.S. economy. One could almost hear tens of millions of Americans sigh heavily, see them roll their eyes at the imprudence of such a measure. What – more spending? When is he going to see that his policies aren’t working?

But they are working. Despite dismal economic indicators (some of which qualify as starkly frightening to some of us), a runaway deficit and plummeting public confidence, our president’s agenda is moving forward quite handily.

How so, you ask?

I’ve made the assertion more than once, but it still bears reiteration. The goal of President Obama and his administration is what his goal and that of like-minded prominent far left activists has been for decades: The dismantling of the United States of America’s system of government, and its supplanting with a Marxist derivative.

The vehicle by which they are actualizing this is the Cloward-Piven Strategy for Orchestrated Crisis. This was first proposed in 1966 by Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven. It was intended to force America into economic collapse by overburdening government coffers through massive enrollment in entitlements. The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, ACORN, and other organizations were founded specifically to bring this about.

Later, the methodology was refined to exploit the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, through which they ultimately managed to bring about the financial implosion of late 2008 via overloading the mortgage lending industry. Obama’s policies are just building on the momentum that’s been established.

So, the president doesn’t really care if his policies are perceived as incompetent, inept or imprudent. People can think he’s an incontinent, drooling idiot for all he’s concerned, because the payoff is calculated to be bigger than any president or would-be potentate has imagined to date.

Which brings us to the scope of the lies and delusion to which many Americans continue to subscribe, evidenced in part by the fact that our president still feels comfortable making assertions such as quoted above. Whether they’re ideologues, taking the rhetoric on good faith or grotesquely dim, millions simply believe that Obama is doing what he claims he’s doing. Economic recovery isn’t likely to happen overnight, so it sounds reasonable …

Constitutionally minded patriots believe we have a lot to be optimistic about – and we do. Overall, polling data is positively wretched concerning Democrats’ chances for November. Unbiased authorities on the subject don’t see a historical precedent for them pulling out of this nosedive. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee denied claims made in a recent article from the New York Times that the party is considering ending support for some House candidates, deeming their campaigns unwinnable. Some Democrat lawmakers have very publicly balked as regards President Obama’s plan to spend the extra $50 billion, no doubt in an attempt to dissociate themselves from those who rammed Obamacare and the stimulus down our collective throats with that cannon plunger.

It bears mentioning though that this is the same America in which there are still blacks convinced that whites are genetically predisposed to oppress and enslave, garden variety liberals who giggle at the idea that America is moving toward Marxism and those who absolutely refuse to recognize Islamofascism for what it is. It is the same America in which the U.S. Department of Justice can redesign its website from a red, white and blue motif, to a funereal one bearing a quote from Marxist C. Wilfred Jenks: “The common law is the will of mankind, issuing from the life of the people.”

The delusion from which so many still suffer, and the incomprehensibility of the Obama administration’s end game where they are concerned remain dangerous factors militating against efforts to preserve the republic.

This is the case because the radicals’ agenda makes no sense to rational people: Why would anyone want to run such a prosperous train – upon which they are riding, no less – off of its tracks? Why raze America to its foundation, with all of the misery, chaos and mayhem this portends, to be left with an impoverished, squalid, desolate nation to govern?

Because evil is the way of tyrants, that’s why. Tyrants succeed because normal people don’t identify with them, because their agendas are beyond our reason. Who wants to have their fellow beings writhing in their merciless grasp? Evil people.

The destructive path I’ve outlined is a necessity if one’s goal is to take over the United States. Thus, the hard-left zealots ensconced within our government are doing just that. It doesn’t matter – least of all to them – if we don’t understand the psychology of someone who would rather be a big turd in a grimy little bowl than just another ingot in a bag of gold.

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