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Why Obama wants Republicans to win in November

His poll numbers continue to plummet. His “stimulus” and other massive spending programs have not only failed to revive the economy, but have saddled future generations with unpayable debt. Most voters want to repeal the cornerstone of his presidency – health-care reform. And while conservatives and independents revile him, even Democrat congressmen avoid him when possible.

But Barack Obama’s biggest problem, at least from a personality standpoint, is that there’s just no one to blame. George W. Bush is now ancient history, and Obama can’t convincingly impugn anyone currently in government since all three branches are essentially on his side, enabling his attempted socialist coup.

Thus, while losing Congress to the GOP in November might cause Obama to lose momentum in his maniacal, civilization-dismantling agenda, it would solve his “blame” problem, big time.

As each passing month makes more evident, Obama’s personal history and personality coalesce around a central core of molten rage – resentment, contempt and “grievance” toward America and its core values – disguised of course by various outer “cool” layers of personality. The 44th president simply has a hard time functioning without blaming someone or something.

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But who would that be? Obama and his ilk already control the entire federal government. Both the executive and legislative branches are firmly in his camp. And the judiciary has long been the leading edge of leftward transformation, serving as the go-to branch of government for radicals intent on forcing changes neither voters nor legislatures would dare touch – from the anti-prayer and abortion decisions of the ’60s and ’70s to the recent federal court rulings upholding same-sex marriage and open homosexuality in the military.

With his stunning decline in popularity and notorious inability to take criticism, Obama has sunk to absurd depths in search of a suitable scapegoat. He has attacked Fox News and Rush Limbaugh by name – and Sarah Palin because she happened to Twitter something critical. He has maligned voters attending town-hall meetings and rallying at tea parties. His Homeland Security Department has warned that pro-lifers, citizens with NRA bumper stickers and even soldiers returning home after defending their country all may be dangerous “extremists.”

Although his efforts to affix blame on the citizens of the United States themselves have been ineffective, as reflected in Obama’s falling poll numbers, help is on the way.

November will finally provide the solution to Obama’s problem, which is why he’s not worried about the election’s outcome.

Once there is a Republican majority in the House (and perhaps in the Senate as well), Obama will come alive again. He will stop taking wall-to-wall vacations. He will blame the Republicans at every turn, in every speech, at every opportunity – sometimes hot, sometimes cool, but always confident and energized.

We’ll behold once more the passionate, charismatic Obama who mesmerized stadiums full of people and caused the faithful to swoon and faint during the 2008 election season. He will demonize, chastise and rebuke the evil Republican Congress for attempting to re-impose on America “the failed policies of the past” that caused all the terrible crises he “inherited.”

He will be enjoying himself again, doing what he does best – castigating and ridiculing sensible and competent people, while holding out hope for a better tomorrow if we’ll but follow him, the least competent president in history.

Then, when the 2012 election season arrives, with all his political skills employed at their highest level, Obama will prodigiously attempt to leverage the friction between him and the Republican Congress into a second term in the White House. As Charles Krauthammer
wrote recently: “For Obama, 2010 matters little. If Democrats lose control of one or both houses, Obama will probably have an easier time in 2012, just as Bill Clinton used Newt Gingrich and the Republicans as the foil for his 1996 reelection campaign.”

Perpetual grievance is the addiction of the left, and Obama’s need for a scapegoat has to be satisfied. And unlike his nicotine addiction, this is a craving no chewing gum can help. But in November – when Republicans take back Congress, which they absolutely must do if America is to have any chance of changing course – Obama will get his fix.