Aaron Klein

MIAMI – On the same morning that Floyd Brown rallied attendees of WND’s “Taking America Back Conference” with reasons to impeach the sitting president, speaker Aaron Klein surprised the audience by declaring, “God bless Barack Obama.”

The words may have sounded strange coming from Klein, WND’s senior reporter, WABC Radio host and author of “The Manchurian President.”

But Klein prefaced his comments by explaining his research over the past two years uncovering Obama’s ties to radical socialists and anti-American influences, as well as his work even longer to sound the alarm over radical Islam.

“God Bless Obama for waking up this country to these [radical Islamic] threats and the threat of what he is,” Klein said. “He did in a year and a half what I couldn’t do in five or six years.”

Alluding to the nation’s sweeping tea party movement, as well as to the crowd gathered in Miami, Fla., for the “Taking America Back” conference, Klein said, “God Bless Obama. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t be here, we wouldn’t be taking to the streets, we wouldn’t be organizing, we wouldn’t be awakening the nation.”

Klein wasn’t the only speaker at the conference, however, to make bold or surprising proclamations from the platform.

‘King of the birthers’

During a discussion panel in which audience members brought questions from the floor, an unidentified attendee asked the panel how Obama was able to avoid the scrutiny over his eligibility to serve as president that was leveled against his presidential election opponent, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

“Let ‘the birther king’ have the first stab,” joked WND CEO Joseph Farah, whose news agency has been at the forefront of investigations into Obama’s eligibility. “We found out in 2008 that there were no controlling authorities in place to vet presidential candidates across the board. No one took responsibility for that.

“But I still get questions every day from people who don’t know,” Farah explained. “They ask, ‘Don’t you think the FBI vetted Obama?’ They believe there are mechanisms in place. Much to my surprise, there are not.”

But Farah also surprised the audience by suggesting the dozens of lawsuits that have been filed challenging Obama’s eligibility may not bring any clarification to the controversy.

“I don’t believe this will be resolved in courts,” Farah said. “I don’t believe any judge at any level will stand up and say, ‘I want to see evidence.'”

Farah did, however, predict an end to the controversy:

“We need to get states to pass legislation in the next session to ensure presidential candidates in the future do not get on the ballot without proving their eligibility. Earlier this year, two states introduced such legislation, and both could have passed if they had enough time [before legislative recess]. I believe you will see two or more states pass that legislation. That’s all it’s going to take in 2012 to get answers.

“I am so convinced that Obama can’t prove his eligibility, or won’t because of something so embarrassing [in his personal records],” Farah predicted, “that he won’t run for re-election in 2012.”

During the session, which focused on the Declaration of Independence as the document than announced America’s birth to the world, Shawn Akers, dean of Liberty University’s Helms School of Government, quipped, “We don’t have any problem finding that birth certificate.”

Bold speeches, enthusiastic applause

A series of speakers in Miami today challenged attendees at the conference to remember America’s roots, rethink its present and recommit to changing its future.

Dr. Gary Cass reopened the history books to explain how the Declaration of Independence’s appeal to “the laws of nature and nature’s god” was closely tied to the Westminster Catechism, an unveiled reference to the God of the Bible.

“If we’re going to take America back, where exactly are we intending to take her?” Cass asked. “We must take America back to Christ and his Word if we would continue to be the land of free and home of brave. … There is no freedom apart from Christ and abiding in his Word.”

Michael Farris, founder of the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, alerted the audience to a United Nations treaty that establishes “rights” for children, arguing the treaty undermines parents, family and even the sovereignty of the United States.

“Americans should make laws for America,” Farris insisted. “It is un-American to believe that elites in Geneva [Switzerland] and by the East River in New York should govern the U.S.”

Author Bill Federer took the audience on a whirlwind tour through history, showing how humanity has always reverted to centralized power in government, from every dynasty in early Egypt through modern day.

With thinly veiled allusions to the current presidential administration, Federer identified a pattern, as governments “create or capitalize crisis to concentrate control,” and he warned, “He who dictates is the dictator, no matter the form of government.”

But, Federer said of the U.S., “In all the 6,000 years of history, something unique happened right here. There has been a 6,000-year quest to consolidate power, but here we have experimented with maximizing the power of the individual. We have freedom. This is America. … It’s time that we remember how unique we are in world history and decide that we are going to pass this on to our children.”

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