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Bobble heads versus wing nuts

The bobble heads who rule the two major political parties refer to outsiders as “wing nuts,” which is short for “right-wing nuts.” No bobble head ever views a left-winger as a “nut.” If so, he or she keeps quiet about it. To do otherwise might make one appear “extreme” and the left-wing bobble heads, which dominate the news media, would say or write mean things about them.

Bobble heads are those little plastic dolls that are images of major the political figures. They show up every election year on the dashboards and office desks of the party faithful.

Unfortunately, party leaders behave in much the same way as these miniature characters. With the slightest breeze or movement, the heads of these dolls bob up and down on a spring. They are incapable of nodding right to left as if saying “no.” In fact, the party establishment seems incapable of saying “no” to anything proposed by the party’s top elected official, no matter how unreasonable or harmful an idea may be.

Furthermore, not one of the Republican Party establishment ever says “no” – and means it – to Democrats. The goal of the Republican Party’s leadership is to play in the middle ground, also known as playing it safe. Better still, they sometimes play on the team of the other side. This makes the bobble heads in the media say or write nice things about them.

If the truth is known, the goal of party leaders and political insiders is simply to get along, if not publically, at least privately, with the other side. One has the feeling that they often get together behind closed doors and laugh at the rest of us.

That explains why Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will not go after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada, who is in the fight of his political life against Sharon Angle.

“I will not go to Nevada,” McConnell recently told reporters. “I don’t think it’s appropriate.” Never mind that the fate of the free world hangs in the balance.

Bottom line: Reid didn’t come to Kentucky to campaign against McConnell in 2008. Therefore, McConnell will not campaign against his counterpart. In fact, McConnell and Reid are BFFs.

There was a little rift after the 2008 election when McConnell didn’t speak to his BFF for eight days. It seems Reid signed off on a $6 million ad campaign to defeat McConnell, but all has been forgiven.

Angle has been the victim of the most savage personal attacks, but McConnell won’t lift a finger to help her. That is why so many bobble head Republican Party leaders and pundits have felt comfortable attacking outsiders like Angle, Alaska’s Joe Miller and Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell. “How dare they run against one of the party’s anointed? We make the rules. We decide who can run and when. How dare they put their names on the ballot without first checking in with us and getting a permission slip?”

Let’s face it. The media would not be able to paint folks like Angle, Miller and O’Donnell as extreme if it weren’t for the bobble heads in their party who stand for nothing more than the ability to raid our tax dollars and protect each other’s backsides.

Yes, Angle wants to do away with the Department of Education (so did Ronald Reagan) which was created by Jimmy Carter and has no official function except “to advise” and gobble tax dollars. (It does that last part very well.) Yes, Miller wants to return the power to control tax dollars and resources to the states (another worthy Reagan goal). Yes, O’Donnell wants to send more troops to the border and is opposed to amnesty for those who break into the country illegally (a view shared by the majority of the electorate).

Only a bobble head would sit by and allow the media to cast someone who wants to tax energy out of existence, socialize health care and experiment on pre-born human beings as a “moderate.” Only a bobble head would allow the media to call a Marxist/socialist a “progressive.”

The tea-party movement may well deny the Republicans control of the Senate. Nevertheless, it has done the GOP a big favor. It is showing the electorate that the big dogs in the party, who have been spending us into oblivion, can be defeated and that every vote counts.

As for Miller, Angle and O’Donnell, their biggest task may not be simply getting to the Senate but, once there, ousting deadwood like McConnell from leadership so the party can begin defending the conservative principles they hold dear.